UKIE toasts Young Apprentice success

Michael French
UKIE toasts Young Apprentice success

UK games industry trade association was this evening raising a glass to a high-profile success – it was the one responsible for getting games into the Young Apprentice final.


The final challenge on BBC One’s Young Apprentice this week asked its two finalists to create an online game and viral ad campaign.

In the end Zara Brownless won with her game Piggy Panic, and gained access to a tailor-made fund of £25,000 to kick start their career.

But it wouldn’t have happened without UKIE. The association worked closely with production company talkbackTHAMES, it advised on content and game creation from conception to development, offering industry support and background information.

UKIE also introduced Mind Candy’s CEO, Michael Acton Smith to the producers in order to create and bring to life the finalist’s game ideas. Moshi Monsters creator Mind Candy  mucked in during the episodes to help turn the finalists’ ideas into prototype games.

UKIE helped Lord Sugar make his decision by providing top industry experts from all fields of the games industry including developers, publishers and games industry professionals.

In fact, the association originally came up with the idea for the episode, MCV understands – having pitched the idea and lobbied for it some time ago.

Andy Payne, Chairman of UKIE commented: “UKIE is pleased to have worked with the Young Apprentice to create this video games challenge. The games sector is the world's fasted growing creative industry and tonight's challenge showcases the high level of computer coding, art and business skills needed to succeed.

“With 1 in 3  people playing games, a task such as this was bound to resonate with candidates and audience alike. And it is great to be able to showcase the range of skills that go into developing and producing games. Of course UKIE is leading on the implementation of the Livingstone Hope Skills review, through the Next Gen Campaign. But further opportunities to open up our industry and the range of skills it requires to a younger audience is always welcome. UKIE’s involvement in this task demonstrates further the vital role it has to play in promoting our industry in every way.”

Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Mind Candy added: “Mind Candy was delighted to be involved in the Young Apprentice and very impressed with the creativity of both teams. Thanks to UKIE for making it all happen.”


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I watch The Apprentice, love it. Congrats to the winner, Far from what i would call a 'video game' but great ideas for the 3 days that they worked on, i prefered the Irish guys game. I see ?Nintendo were not invited to the event...?

Sean Lyons

Dec 13th 2011 at 8:44AM

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I wouldn't read into Nintendo not being there - I don't think Microsoft or Sony made it, either. It was filmed in August, when a lot of people would've been away, etc.

Michael French

Michael French INDUSTRY
Dec 13th 2011 at 9:01AM

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Sony was there, they gave a quick speach on the programme..... No i was actually refering to UKIE Andy Payne, he thinks Nintendo should give up making consoles and produce games for other devices such as Apple's. Has he actually ever researched the company Nintendo?

Sean Lyons

Dec 13th 2011 at 9:29AM

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Congrats to UKIE on this - great to see the industry represented in such a positive fashion. I feel a lot of younger viewers will have been inspired by this.

Well done to everyone (especially Mind Candy & Michael Acton Smith) for treating the contestants like adults - a refreshing change from the usual Apprentice pantomime

Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill INDUSTRY
Dec 13th 2011 at 10:53AM

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