Uncharted 4... for iPhone and iPad?

Ben Parfitt
Uncharted 4... for iPhone and iPad?

Platform holders traditionally rule their domains with an iron fist. But the market is changing. These are challenging times.

So the admission from Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida that the company would consider using social platforms such as Facebook as a platform for its own IP is a striking one.

“I believe it is totally possible," he told IndustryGamers. "We've been discussing [that possibility] and if you noticed, we released an inFamous themed Facebook game at the launch of inFamous 2.

“So we are experimenting, and I don't necessarily believe we're competing against cell phones or social networks – because everybody uses Facebook and lots more people have cell phones and smartphones already. With people's lifestyles, they're always connected and engaged socially, so why not put our IP on there... or give some small experience [related to our IP] like you said?"

"So we like the idea and will continue to experiment to see how best we can use this new medium to connect to our new IPs."

While Microsoft has dabbled in such areas – a Fable game was released on iOS and an Xbox Live app is currently available – Nintendo has ruled out the use of its IP on rival platforms.


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