US: Dance Central recalled

Ben Parfitt
US: Dance Central recalled

Publishers MTV and Microsoft have recalled all copies of Kinect title Dance Central in North America.

The reason? An unspecified “misprint in the owner’s manual”.

“Microsoft has become aware that an update that needs to be made to the product manual (i.e. printed materials) included in the game entitled Dance Central developed by MTV/Harmonix and distributed by Microsoft,” a statement released to Joystiq reads.

“To ensure we provide our customers with the best experience possible, Microsoft is updating the product manual and replacing all retail copies of Dance Central.

“Microsoft is working with retailers to update the product manuals and replace copies as quickly as possible. Most-if not all- impacted retail stores will have updated copies of Dance Central in time for the November 4th launch.”

Kinect launches in the UK on November 10th.


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