US games sales drop predicted

August 8th by Neil Long

A four per cent fall in year-on-year US console software sales for July has been predicted by leading US analyst Wedbush Morgan, ahead of the release of latest NPD sales data.

The report, which also highlights the soundest investments in the publishing community, forecasts sales of $335 million.

Activision, Atari, Majesco, THQ and Take 2 are the strongest potential share performers, according to Wedbush Morgan, though of these select few, only EA and THQ are forecast a rise in year-on-year sales.

THQ is expected to be the best performer, with the publisher set to report a 56 per cent rise in year-on-year sales. EA is forecast a three per cent year on year rise in sales. Meanwhile Take 2 is set to deliver a 24 per cent drop, Majesco a 38 per cent downturn, and Activision and Atari are forecast a 41 per cent and 74 per cent drop in year on year sales respectively.

“We believe that most investors expect low industry sales growth this year, and we think that expectations will change as the industry grows at a faster rate,” the firm concluded.


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