VIDEO: Amazon Game Studios teaser reel

Ben Parfitt
VIDEO: Amazon Game Studios teaser reel

It’s all a bit 1999.

That’s according to one one of the MCV team this morning after watching Amazon’s new Game Studios teaser video, which offers first glimpses of a number of in-development games at the company.

To date Sev Zero is the only confirmed AGS exclusive title for FireTV, but there are plenty more on the way, with details likely to follow in the coming weeks.

It’s not clear how many of these games are being made by the recently acquired Double Helix team. But with the likes of Clint Hocking [Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell] and Kim Swift [Portal, Left 4 Dead] on board we’d be very surprised if titles with more in the way of obvious ambition aren’t already in the planning stage.

Here’s the video:


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