Viral ‘PS4’ ads get tongues wagging

Ben Parfitt
Viral ‘PS4’ ads get tongues wagging

Two videos apparently originating from Japan and highlighting the new 3D functions of Sony’s PS3 have sent internet rumour-mongers into a frenzy – partially because both seem to feature the term ‘PS4’.

The chances of the TV spots actually being early marketing material for a successor to PS3 are incredibly small. More likely is the use of the term to hit home the message that 3D gaming is a massive breakthrough in gaming.

The first ad, which to be frank is very creepy, sees panicked scientists rushing to the aid of a patient who is found on the floor, DualShock 3 gripped tightly in his hand. The idea is that he was so overcome by the gaming experience that it sent him into a state of shock.

The second ad sees another test subject sitting in open-mouthed awe in front of a TV screen – which interestingly seems to be showing a 3D version of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

There’s no word yet on whether the ads are Sony related.

You can watch both videos below:


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