What's Out Today? w/e February 17th, 2012

James Batchelor
What's Out Today? w/e February 17th, 2012

Fighting fans have plenty to grapple with this week, thanks to the return of THQ's popular MMA series.

UFC Undisputed 3 continues the successful franchise by throwing in new events, new fighters and new modes.

Also out this week is Tekken 3D Prime Edition (Namco Bandai), marking the fighting series debut on the platform.

And, of course, there's the small matter of a certain handheld arriving next week. PlayStation Vita arrives on Wednesday, February 22nd, accompanied by launch titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, FIFA Football, Virtua Tennis: World Tour, Ridge Racer and Lumines: Electronic Symphony.

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So happy that UFC Undisputed 3 is finally out!! They've done such a good job on this one, and thank God they got rid of that ridiculous submission control system!! Not sure about this one either, however better then the last.

Jed MacGregor

Jed MacGregor STUDENT
Feb 17th 2012 at 1:14PM

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