Why Crysis 2 doesn't support Move

Ben Parfitt
Why Crysis 2 doesn't support Move

Crysis 2 will push the console visual envelope when its released next month, but one thing it won't do is add weight to the growing motion control movement.

And developer Crytek says that's because it simply doesn't see motion control as the right suitor for FPS games at this moment in time.

"It's clearly something we looked at," senior producer Hasit Zala told Eurogamer. "We felt that in terms of what we were doing and the controls we needed, it didn't really lend itself to the kind of gameplay experience we were looking to achieve.

"I think it's an interesting concept but I don't think it's quite there yet. I can't think of too many first person shooters that are really embracing it at this point in time."

The claims come despite the Move support already available in Sony shooter Killzone 3 and MAG.

"There's definitely something there," Zala conceded. "But also with shooter controls, the sighting, being able to change your modes and your armour and switch into stealth mode – that makes it difficult for us to work with it at the moment."


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