Will failed core Wii games be heading to Move?

Ben Parfitt
Will failed core Wii games be heading to Move?

Move is the answer to a question the rest of the industry didn’t want to ask with Nintendo wearing the crown: What's out there for non-Nintendo developers who want Wii functionality but on a platform that is kinder to third parties?

Move’s similarity to Wii becomes a benefit to developers that cut their teeth on Nintendo, tweaked their game design worldview for pointers and movement, but now want more.

Sony’s decision to add a Nunchuck-style sub-controller to Move, according to SCE’s Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny, “helps with some of the core games”. It’s easy to imagine those mature games that under-performed on Wii making the leap to PS3.

Denny himself shies away from saying Sony has reached the same conclusion. “I like to concentrate on our system,” he told MCV. “For PS3 Move brings a lot of advantages to our platform. I think it will have wide appeal, but the precision mixed with HD graphics makes for a compelling experience.”

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