Xbox goes full circle

August 12th by Johnny Minkley

SUCH IS is the 360 focus at Microsoft right now, the firm has almost shelved plans for a sub-£10 super-budget games range.

The news comes after another week of frenzied news about the follow-up system, Xbox 360, which will have final details revealed at Leipzig next week and then again at the X05 trade event in Amsterdam (see below).

The long expected £9.99 range was due for launch this autumn, with senior UK retail buyers being briefed earlier in the summer. But the range is not now expected to launch until early 2006, if at all, given the arrival of a new system.

Titles on the current Xbox Classics label are £19.99. The move to super-budget would be seen as a commitment from Microsoft to support retail and squeeze more life out of Xbox after its next-gen system hits retail. But a change of mind perhaps reveals even more.


- Launchdate of November 25th
- Games to launch at £44.99
- 400,000 launch units for Europe
- Possibly more than one model, with different specs at different prices to keep launch price as low as possible

Official Xbox news will emerge at Leipzig on August 19th and at X05 in Amsterdam on October 4th-5th


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