Xbox: ‘Scratched discs are not down to 360’

Microsoft has responded to mounting accusations that Xbox 360 is damaging consumers’ discs – maintaining that there is “no systematic issue” with the console.

Calls for a review into problems with damaged discs came to a head this week, when EC for Consumers Meglena Kuneva confirmed that she had written to Microsoft requesting information on its plans to resolve the issues.

In a statement, Microsoft told MCV that it has responded to Kuneva – and that faulty discs are likely to have been caused by ‘improper use’ of the console. It said: “There has been correspondence between Commissioner Kuneva’s cabinet and Microsoft’s Belgian offices.

“We are working in an open dialogue to help explain our position and all the efforts we are taking across the EU to address any concerns that our consumers may have.

“If used properly, Xbox 360 consoles do not damage discs... there is no single root cause or systemic issue with any of the Xbox 360 consoles.”


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