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European Commission

European Commission opens investigation into Valve over suspected anti-competitive geo-blocking practices

The European Commission has announced it will be launching an investigation into the bilateral agreements concluded between Valve and five PC game publishers over a suspected breach in EU antitrust ...

Katharine  Byrne
by Katharine Byrne
on Feb 2nd 2017 at 12:07PM in News
trig eSports

Trig eSports sponsor under investigation by Swedish Economic Crimes Bureau

Trig Social Media, sponsor of Smite and League of Legends teams and the highest-grossing StarCraft II player in the world, is under investigation by multiple European financial authorities for 'suspicions ...

Chris Higgins
by Chris Higgins
on Apr 21st 2015 at 1:41PM in News
Turkish minister orders investigation into Minecraft 'violence'

Turkish minister orders investigation into Minecraft 'violence'

Authorities in Turkey have turned their attention to family favourite Minecraft following allegations of violent content.

Ben Parfitt
by Ben Parfitt
on Feb 11th 2015 at 1:46PM in News