(Huntsville, Alabama) September 5, 2012 - Independent developer BGG Productions, in collaboration with BioGamer Girl, is proud to announce that their hit PC title Death's Apprentice will be available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system from Sony and the forthcoming Wii U console from Nintendo in early 2013. Players will get a slew of new features which include multiplayer support for up to four players and over 100 detailed locations to explore. Players will be able to relive all of the features they loved most from the era of classic JRPGs.


Imagine a world where the rules of death don't apply; anyone or anything can survive any type of injury or disease. When Death comes up missing, that is exactly what happens to planet Barron. With Death on a hiatus, the circle of life has come to a complete stop, and many city streets are filled with chaos. To make matters worse, Mother Nature soon learns death no longer applies to them as well, and many rural cities are overrun by creatures of all sorts, as they have no need to fear man any longer.

Fortunately for the world, Death had been training a new apprentice for some time before his disappearance. Although the young apprentice's powers do not rival those of his master, he still wields the power to take away life from any person or creature that has been weakened enough. So Death's apprentice sets off on a journey to discover what happened to his former master and restore order to the land.


Death's Apprentice features a battle system similar to what is used in many classic JRPGs. Enemies can typically be found in caves, forests and other less inhabited areas, but they can also occasionally be discovered in towns throughout the game. Enemies will be engaged when touched, and a battle screen will be loaded upon contact. Battles transpire over a typical turn-based fighting system. On-screen characters receive gauges that fill over time that allow the user to issue a command once filled. Each character has a variety of unique powers and attacks that they can utilize against opponents to dwindle their life force to zero. When battles are over, Death's apprentice absorbs the enemies' souls and the group of adventurers can gain enough souls to level up and gain new strengths and abilities.

Death's apprentice can absorb the souls of fallen enemies in order to gain strength for both his own powers and those of his companions. In addition to this ability, Death's apprentice can also summon up dark magic and summon vanquished monsters that will unleash powerful attacks upon his enemies. The vigilant warrior named Ray Lowell is granted the ability to completely control his body to unleash massive amounts of destruction and devastation channeling the power into his bare fists. Christina wields the power to spread sickness and disease to any opponent she encounters. This means she is a powerful ally as she can afflict enemies with a variety of status ailments or even poison them and watch them slowly die. Amanda Dyar is the last character in the game, and she possesses a power opposite of Christina's. Any status ailment or injury inflicted upon Amanda's comrades can quickly be removed, and she can, in fact, inspire her teammates to fight harder and strengthen their resolve to finish a fight strong.

Most of the game takes place on the world map and in various types of dungeons. However, many towns will be visited along the journey as well. The towns serve as safe havens where the party can rest, resupply and find new objectives from the towns' NPCs.


  • Beautiful 2D art
  • Handcrafted animations
  • Over 100 detailed environments to explore
  • Multiplayer support
View the trailer for Death's Apprentice on Youtube here:

"Death's Apprentice will be one of our most exciting titles yet," said Kenny King, COO and Operations Manager, BGG Production Studios. "We are eager to see how fans will react to the new features  in the console versions which will offer multiplayer support."

"We have had such an amazing reception for the PC version of Death's Apprentice which has inspired us to add even more game features for console users," said Amanda Dyar, President and Executive Producer, Game Publishing, BGG Media.

Death's Apprentice will be available soon for pre-order in two editions: the standard edition ($59.99) and the Limited Collector’s Edition ($79.99). For more assets and information, visit the official Death's Apprentice website at  or BGG After Dark at

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