Bubbins Going Gold

Philadelphia, Pa - November 21, 2007 - Bubbins, the highly anticipated action arcade title from Nordic game developer Skalden, is going beta and is on track to be available for full distribution in February. The bubbins are small creatures living in fruit houses in a village tree beneath an old castle. Usually, they use their ability to bubble to transport huge fruits from the surrounding forest and back to their village. Their peaceful existence is shattered when Lule, a young female bubbin, is captured by the Green Maboo and dragged into the castle. A team of rescue-bubbins sets out to release the fair maiden. When these disappear as well, young Dundun decides to take things in his own hands and save the day.

The player controls the young bubbin Dundun as he begins a hunt through a castle to free nine fellow bubbins captured by the green maboo Grubb. The gameplay is based on the bubbin ability to spit bubbles that pushes the target backwards. The player must use this ability to make opponents and objects collide. Whenever a game entity collides into another, something happens; 20 entities means 20 times 20 = 400 possible outcomes. This gives the player a lot to explore. The gameplay is a mix of action and puzzle elements. Sometimes the player bubbles (spits bubbles that push objects) to defeat enemies, and struggling to control the physics of bouncing opponents and objects is part of the fun. At other times the player will scratch their heads wondering how to solve the puzzle that leads to a new area. The comic animations and fun puzzles make the game suitable for players of all ages.

FOG Studios exclusively represents Skalden and is seeking digital distribution and co-promotional partners for Bubbins, as well as Licensees or Publishing Partners for Nintendo DS, Wii, XBLA, PSN and mobile versions of Bubbins. FOG Studios will be showcasing Bubbins at the Montreal International Games Show in November, and at Game Connection Lyon in December. To set an appointment for any of these events,please contact FOG’s Logistics Manager, Christine Freeman, at 215-595-7160. For immediate assistance, please contact Adam Spencer, adamspencer@fogstudios.com or 506-459-5604.

About Skalden

The skald was the poet of the Old Norse society. Skalden Studio is an independent game developer located in Oslo. The goal of Skalden Studio is to make stories come alive in the media of a new millennium. We tap into the cultural heritage of our ancestors for impulses. But we also step boldly into new territory, and create universes never before seen by creature nor man. The team has experience from game development, exhibited fine art and animation film. For more information on Skalden Studio, please contact Rune Myrland at rune@skalden.com.

About FOG Studios

FOG Studios has been responsible for the creation of over $3 Billion dollars of revenuefor its clients and customers via the placement of over 5,600 interactive titles into the international marketplace since 1979. The world’s first and most successful interactive representation agency, FOG exclusively represents independent videogame development studios, brand and intellectual property owners, and service providers to the interactive entertainment industry from around the world. FOG creates opportunity for its exclusive list of clients on all platforms from cellular phones to next generation console games by packaging intellectual property rights with the developers and resources necessary to bring them to market. FOG helps publishers and other potential distributors of the products to make fully-informed decisions expeditiously and with confidence based on the longstanding proven track record of success we have uniq uely achieved. Noteworthy gaming franchises created in FOG’s history include, but are not limited to: ESPN, Command&Conquer, Test Drive, Kings Quest, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania and Warlords. FOG has placed titles with all of the top 10 publishers as well as countless other smaller publishers. FOG's roster of over 550 clients have included, among others: United Media, BMI, Ubisoft, Atari, Sierra, Westwood Studios, Sega, Paramount, Viacom, Robert Maxwell, Koei, FROM Software, Platinum Studios, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, the US Army Rangers, the Foreign Legion, Jenga, Arthur C. Clark, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, The Three Stooges (Estate), Paramount, Warner Brothers, Marvel, America On-Line, Yahoo, Ebay, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Circus, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For more information please visit www.fogstudios.com or call 506-459-5604.

Contact: Adam Spencer



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