Crazy Fairies Update Adds Weapon Hexing and Enchantment

Crazy Fairies' latest updates are adding some awesome new features and you can check them out on every computer platform or via Facebook.

First, they've begun rolling out a new system called Hexing that adds different effects to player weapons. 2 Hex styles are already in-game, with five more rolling out over the next few patches (and I've included some art as a sneak peek).

The update also included an enchantment system so players can further customize their weapons and make combat even more fun.

Finally, Epic weapons and Craftable wings will be coming soon. For more details, keep reading!

Check out the game now at

The future of gaming is games playable on every platform and Crazy Fairies is just one of many things Spicy Horse is working on, so this is one to watch. 


Hexing is a new system players can use to add awesome effects to their existing weapons. Spicy Horse will be rolling out the Hexing system over the next few patches.

The first two new Hexing weapons are already in the game. Those are:

Glacial: These ice-based weapons delay your enemy's next attack!

Infernal: These fire-based weapons increase damage for the next three rounds.

Hexes can be added to any existing weapon by purchasing a Hex in the Crazy Fairies shop for 60 gold. Players can apply the Hex to their weapon at any time. Here's some examples of Crazy Fairies characters wielding their new Hexed weapons.


Upcoming Hexed Weapons

Upcoming hexed weapons include:

·         Vampiric: Use the power of the vampire and add 50% of damage done to your health.

·         Steampunk: Gears and gizmos combine to knockback opponents.

·         Jubilee: Show those clowns the power of the circus and make them miss a turn.

·         Confection: Did you know candy makes you go blind? It's true.

Vampiric Weapons

Steampunk Weapons

Jubilee Weapons

Confection Weapons


Also being introduced is Enchanting.  Enchanting allows players to add the following stat bonuses to their weapons.

·         Attack

·         Defense

·         Crit

·         Dodge

·         Unique abilities will be coming in the future.

To enchant a weapon, players must extract Essence from rare items or purchase it from the shop. Once they've extracted enough essence and found the neccesary gems, they can enchant their weapon in the Furnace.


Coming Soon To Crazy Fairies

Two very cool features players have been demanding are next up on Spicy Horse's agenda for Crazy Fairies. These are:

Craftable wings. Ordinarily, gaining a coveted set of wings requires climbing to the top of the Marks list each week. However, soon players will be able to make their own wings.

Epic Weapons. These weapons require a very unique, very rare material that can only be obtained through tournament chests. Here's a preview of the art for those weapons:

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