Cute Things Dying Violently has been patched, is still awesome (Xbox Live Indie Games)

Good afternoon, my friend. I am Princess Dikembe-Mutombo from the Kingdom of Lesotho. For many years, I was a peaceful and just ruler, until my uncle seized power and forced me into exile. I am currently in hiding in the country of Estonia, planning my triumphant return.

The people are on my side, but they cannot fight for me unless I arm them and pay them. I currently have 350 million dollars U.S. in gold bars and coins lying in a secret underground bunker in Weehawken, New Jersey. Unfortunately, I cannot access my funds without bribing government officials, which I cannot afford. If you would please invest 80 Microsoft Funbucks/1 dollar in the Xbox Live Indie Games title Cute Things Dying Violently, loyal patriots within Microsoft will funnel me the sales proceeds and allow me to place the bribe.

I will be willing to share 3% of the value of my gold once it becomes available, as well as the many hours of fun you'll have playing the runaway hit of the Indie Games Summer Uprisin g, which was recently patched!

Patch Notes:

·         Added new Aiming Tools! The Preview Tool (Right Trigger) allows you to preview a shot you're about to make, and the Ghost Tool (Right Bumper) allows you to see the position, angle, power, and trajectory of your previous shot. Since these tools give players a lot of power, using either one causes a -1 Critter penalty for the level you're in. You lose a Critter, but you beat the level and gain some modicum of self esteem. Seems like a fair trade.

·         Several levels have been rebalanced to minimize frustration without minimizing the challenge.

·         The blood spatter FX have been redone, and there's now a bit more pop to them. When it comes to blood and murder, our motto at ApathyWorks is: "We can always do better." This is not necessarily mutually exclusive from our previous motto, "Bitches get stitches."

·         Control visualization has been added to the Pause Menu.

·         Less Hiccups in long play sessions (45 minutes or greater)

What's Next?

Cute Things Dying Violently has been a huge hit, selling over 10,000 copies in less than 2 weeks, thanks to the funny, compelling puzzle-platformer gameplay, the strong support from Microsoft and the Indie Games Summer Uprising, and strategic Hypnotoad deployment. CTDV was also the #3 best-selling XBLIG title on the Xbox Dashboard and on the Marketplace for the two weeks following its launch, a position I hope to reclaim once I'm done with the game's imminent zombie-avatar-massage-dating-voxelcraft-babymaker mode and once my soul has been reduced to a withered husk. I also documented practically everything there is to know about the development process in a recent Post Mortem on my blog.

This patch is the first of many for the Xbox version. My next goal is to add a Level Sharing Hub to CTDV, allowing players to download and rate each others' custom levels. I also have a ton of new objects planned for the level editor that players will be able to toy with.

CTDV also runs natively on PC, so I'm currently busy porting it to IndieCity for the game's first-ever PC release, where I'm salivating over the prospect of a new market, new Achievements (proper ones, this time), and so much more!

Simple game info for simple people

·       Xbox Marketplace link

·       Violent, hilarious puzzle-platformer that was originally released on August 24th

·       Participated in the Indie Games Summer Uprising

·       Costs as much as a 40-pack of ramen and an 80 cent hooker (80msp/1 dollar)

·      Trailer

·      Previous press release (including screenshots)

·       Beloved by the press

·       Long Post Mortem can be read here. Shorter version can be read here.

Thanks for your support! Next year in Lesotho!

-Alex "AlejandroDaJ" Jordan

Game designer, writer, miscreant, jackanapes, and all-around ne'er do well

My blog:

My tweets:!/AlejandroDaJ/  

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