Doodle Hex "The Art of Magic" - Introducing… the Doodlers!!

The College of Runes, or“Rune-iversity” as we like to call it, is the most magical school in the universe! Only the most talented students are invited to attend classes and learn the Runes’ awesome power.

So far there are 14 of us but we are always on the look out for new recruits. Here you can find out a bit about our personalities, our magic styles and meet our pets who help us to learn and cast magic Runes.

Prof Cornelius Carbuncle– has spent his life searching for the Elixir of Eternal Life until one day he stumbled across a dusty old scroll which showed promise and quickly he prepared the potion. The moment the potion passed his lips he knew something was wrong. The potion worked but left an unexpected side effect; he lost all his memories and his magic had gone!

Personality - Grumpy Old Know-All

Magic Style– Alchemy, Powerful All-Round

Pet -‘Mr Jones’, A Fluffy Library Cat

Weapon - Potions, Magic Staff

Cassie (a good witch!) works long hours cleaning the College of Runes. The youngest daughter in a large family of witches in Salem there is no money left to pay for her schooling. Her only friends are her pet lemur“Peepers” and the school ghost Kalamazoo. She watches the Doodlers with envy wishing to join their tournaments and maybe one day become a real witch.

Personality - Helpful, Friendly

Magic Style: Strong Curses, Weaker Damage

Pet:‘Peepers’ Long-Toothed Tarsier

Weapons: Magic Vacuum Cleaner, Magic Pin In Hat

Djin– After falling off a cargo ship and bobbing around in the ocean for hundreds of years, Djin’s home, a battered old lamp, finally washes up on the shores of Staten Island NY. Sadly after years of sea sickness and never granting wishes Djin has forgotten his magic and heads to the College of Runes to learn the rune that grants wishes!

Personality - Serious, Menacing

Magic Style - Fire Magic: High Damage

Pet -‘Dogg’, A Dog

Weapons - Bling, Fire, Tattoos

Fey - Is a girl who just wants to be left alone! Born with magical powers she tries to hide and, struggling to fit in, she wishes for an escape… possibly the College of Runes?

Personality - Moody Goth

Magic Style - High Defence High Damage

Pet -‘Mort’, A Bunny

Weapon - Wand Of Thorns

Hyperion– With the power of the Wish Rune in his control, Hyperion could save Atlantis and his people but a light from the heavens spoke to him demanding an extra condition– his world would be saved but only if he stayed with them, using his skills and powers to protect the power of the One Wish Rune by those unworthy.

Personality - Ancient Atlantean Demigod

Magic Style - All-Powerful

Pet -‘Naga’, A Cobra

Weapon - Staff And Shield

Kaleb– Orphaned at an early age, Kaleb was raised in the College of Runes. Kaleb’s father, like his father before him, taught at the College and was regarded as one of the most powerful wizard of all time.

Personality - Hard Working, Dedicated Apprentice

Magic Style - Arcane Magic: Good All Round

Pet -‘Cackles’, A Mischievous, Magic Mouth

Weapon - Grimoire Pages

LoPang– LoPang’s story begins with an old proverb“Jade that is not chiselled cannot become a gem”. Life at the College teaching the same lessons year after year, was without challenge. After much thought he decided to forget all his magic, clear his mind and face the greatest challenge of his life…he rejoined the College but this time as a student, not a professor.

Personality - Honourable, Strong And Silent

Magic Style - Tattoo Magic, High Damage And Curses

Pet -‘Shenlong’, A Dragon

Weapon - Tetsubo Brush

Madrugada– Is a teacher at the College. Life, or indeed death as a Vampire can be lonely. After hundreds of years alone, never aging a day, she wanted nothing more than to be mortal; normal. At the College she hoped her wish could be granted.

Personality - Teacher, Strict, Cold, Calculating

Magic Style - Shadow Magic, High Damage And Mind Control

Pet -‘Nibbles’, A Vampire Bat

Weapons - Fans, Teeth!

Nadia– Growing up amongst the gypsies of Salamanca in Spain Nadia was born with the ability to see the future and forced by her family to read fortunes for gold. Nadia is tired of lying for a living and whilst searching her crystal ball for help, she sees the College of Runes before her and knows what she must do.

Personality - Sassy Fiery Gypsy

Magic Style - Tarot Magic: Powerful Curses

Pet -‘Phanto’, A Spirit Guide

Weapons - Tarot Cards, The Evil Eye

Nigel– Is the world’s greatest techno-mancer, using both magic and technology together! Impressive for a boy from Nether Wallop, England! After months of work, Nigel finally completes his greatest work, The Gizmo– a magic-battle-bot! But it needs some improvements and so he accepts the invitation of a scholarship at The College of Runes hoping the masters of magic can teach him more to improve Gizmo.

Personality - Nerdy Geek

Magic Style - Technomancy: High Damage, High Defence

Pet -‘Buzz’, A Flying Magi-Gadget

Weapons - Golem And Magi-Gadgets

Rainbow– In Valhalla, the gods live a life of fun and adventure free to do as they please, except Rainbow. Every year she asks to go to college but the answer is always no! So she has no choice but to sneak out of her room with her magic backpack“Pandy” and her father’s magical sword and head to the College.

Personality - Determined And Serious

Magic Style - High Damage And Defence

Pet -‘Pandy’, A Panda Bag

Weapon - Magic Sword

Samedi - Deep in the jungles of Haiti, Samedi has been studying Voodoo with the books his mother left him. But he’s not the most careful student…and accidentally turns his brother, Bokio, into a Voodoo Doll! The book was published at the College of Runes so they set off hoping they must know how to undo the spell.

Personality - Laid Back, Calm, Yet Unpredictable

Magic Style– Voodoo, Powerful Curses

Pet -‘Stitches’, A Voodoo Doll

Weapons - Cane, Voodoo Pins

Strat - Lives in Central Park NYC where each night the other elves and pixies meet to play their enchanted and winsome music about stupid stuff like flowers and ponies… much to his disgust! Strat just wants to ROCK! Sadly no one understands him or his music but knowing that great bands are formed at college he leaps at the offer by his parents to send him away!

Personality - Punk Rocking, Prankster

Magic Style– Tricks, Music Magic

Pet -‘Wa-Wa’, A Skunk

Weapons - Guitar

Princess Tiffany– Born in a fairytale castle in Beverly Hills CA, Tiffani is a princess and she knows it!! Her father, King Iggle, has grown tired of his spoiled brat and sends her to college to get her out of the house! Giving her his Platinum Card and tells her“GO and learn to be a proper lady, and don’t come back until you have”.

Personality - Vain, Spoilt, Prom Queen

Magic Style - Mirror Magic, Strong Curses, Good All-Round

Pet -‘Todd’, A Frog Prince

Weapons - Magic Mirror, Withering Glare


Genre: Magic Strategy

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Tragnarion

Release Date: OUT NOW

Certificate: 7+

For further information please contact:

Vicki Chalkley

Tel: 020 8309 3706


Oliver Birch, Marketing Manager

Tel: 020 8309 3710


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