Feature Article: Smuggling Missions

As some of you already know, the last patch was a huge one, with some massive changes to the game. Bases and officers are both gone! In their place are smuggling convoys and improved heroes. This far better fits the Marauder ethos. Why bother with bases – big, easily discovered targets requiring a lot of expensive defense – when you can make far greater profits with a single smuggling run? Your officers often felt like glorified administrators, and your heroes make far more charismatic leaders!

That’s right, your heroes have become more than just unique licensed units! One hero is needed to lead every raid, smuggling mission, or quest battle you start. They now gain experience from the battles they fight in, and when they have enough XP they will level up. When they reach Level Five, they will achieve veteran status. Some heroes will even get new abilities. You will still start with the heroes Vancer and Emilia, and you will unlock new heroes through quest missions. If a hero falls on the field of battle, they will have to spend some time in your medical bay before they are ready to return to service, so be careful with them!

You will no longer get resources from Bases – smuggling convoys are now likely to be your primary source of income. Since Bases are gone, buildings and stone are no longer needed, meaning that Gold or Iron will be your payment for smuggling operations. The balance of risk vs. reward is now entirely in your hands. Do you want to take more trucks and get more profit, or are you more concerned about having a good defense in case of attack?

Boss Attacks are now more involved than just repeatedly launching attacks. Players will now discover secret bases belonging to Bosses. These bases will be heavily defended, but also full of valuable loot. Whoever discovers one of these hidden Boss bases will need to invite a number of other players to each fight a battle. If every player wins their battle before a timer runs out and the Boss reinforces their base, everyone involved will get big rewards.

On top of all this, there are plenty of smaller changes and additions too! The Trader quest missions have been revamped, with updated maps and new dialogue. A new ‘True Rank’ system should improve the level of challenge in your battles – if you are a skilled player, it should create a good level of challenge, and if you’re still getting to grips with the game it will take the pressure off a bit.

So that’s a quick tour of all the great new features in the patch! Of course we’re already looking to the future, and you’ll soon be hearing more about what we plan to add in next. There’s a lot of good stuff on the way!  

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