The European Indie Game Days (EIGD) are the first professional European independent video games meetings. They will be held on the 2nd and 3 rd of July at « La Cartonnerie » in the Friche La Belle de Mai in Marseille. This first event aims to bring together and federate all the European actors within the independent games sector at one occasion and to promote not only this rapidly developing business industry but also an ensemble of creative and innovative productions. Round tables and conferences will be open to professionals working in this sector, and also to students, training centres and professionals from the media. Several prizes will also be awarded to the most innovative games within the different categories.


A cycle of round tables and conferences with an agenda of : business models, innovation, cross-platforms, transmedia, cloud gaming…

Up to 10 round tables and conferences will take place during the two-day event. The different commercial, marketing, financial, legal and innovative aspects of independent video games will be addressed and discussed by experienced professionals and experts of different nationalities present. Important and well-known people working within the field of independent games will be involved and thus underpin and contribute to the credibility and success of these meetings. 

Prize-giving : First Prize for Independent Video, Prize for the Best Business Model, Prize for Technological Innovation, Prize for Innovative game play, Prize awarded by the press and  Prize for schools.

After calling for candidates, a committee composed of professionals, and also players, will select 3 games for each of these prizes, that is 18 games. These will then be placed on demonstration and downloadable from the event's internet site. The selection of the best games will be overseen by the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo (SNJV), a major partner to these EIGD. The best independent video games shown during these competitions will be awarded different prizes during the evening of 2 July.

The EIGD, a unique event in France organized by PRIMI,

in partnership with GAMESUD* and the SNJV - Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo ( National video game union)

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What is the PRIMI ?

PRIMI, Pôle Transmédia Méditerranée was created from the fusion of 2 regional professional networks : « Medmultimed », federating the actors within the multi-media and internet sector and « Pôle Sud Image » a network of professionnals working within the audio-visual sector (cinema, audiovisual, animation and video games). The objectives of the group, recognized and designated as a regional competitiveness cluster, the Pôle Régional d’Innovation et de Développement Economique Solidaire - PRIDES (Regional Cluster for Innovation and Responsible Economic Development) by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, works around 5 axes inherent to economic development : innovation, supporting development on an international level, optimal usage of IT tools, training, Corporate Social Responsibility. PRIMI aims to encourage and support the efforts made in these five directions while developing their work in new fields such transmedia and the emerging creative economies.


The emergence of new economic models and new professions

Within just a few years, the video game sector has seen its economic model change dramatically. Based until recently on the very close relationship that exists with an editor who would manage the fabrication / manufacturing, distribution and promotion of the games sold in a « box », this sector entered, with the advent of the internet, into the era of dematerialization with games online, games on mobile phones as well as those downloadable. This dematerialization now enables many studios to choose to work independently without the traditional editor, supported by new economic models which enable them to market their games themselves via various demateialized channels. Thus new skills are acquired and new professions appear within this sector. Furthurmore, technologies are continuously developing in this era of dematerialization, even integrating the notion of service: application servers, protection by encapsulation, streaming of content, integration of « boutiques » and other DLC (Downloadable Content), these new technologies are also promoting the emergence of new knowledge and new professions within the field of video games.

Original, innovative games of international acclaim

Benefiting from the complete freedom inherent in smaller structures, that the large and costly Hollywoodian productions do not have, independent studios take full advantage of being able to develop their originality and innovativeness thus enabling them to supply products that are much more profitable and just as competitive as those produced by their much larger competitors. Some independent European games have thus risen to produce work that has obtained recognition and acclaim across the globe. Thus one can quote Limbo produced by the Danish studio,  Playdead and Machinarium produced by the Czech studio, Amanita Design. In France, the Neko studios with their game Puddle or the Pohlm studio with the game Hasta la muerte and also the Mando Productions studio with their game, Babel rising, have also gained much notoriety. Finally one must not forget the studios based in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, such as the leading Lexis Numérique studio, BiP Media with its game, Viking invasion, and also Exkee studio with the game, Colorz.

A real need for promotion

Independent games are often much cheaper, but they also suffer cruelly from a lack of promotion! When talking about video games, most people think of the major productions and much less of the shop online where they have been able to unearth and download a real gem of fun!



PRIMI, the regional centre of cinema, audiovisual, video games and internet businesses, has been given PRIDES status (Pôle régional d’innovation et de développement économique solidaire – PACA region) and recognized as a competitive grouping by the French government (Ministry of Economy, Finance and Business – DIRECCTE).

The evolution of the audiovisual, video game and multimedia sector towards the convergence of media, mediums and digitalization has led to the creation of this cluster, as the different business areas become fully aware of the strategic importance of the proximity of their fields and of their common desire to build a coherent, deliberate and dynamic strategy for the development of business and employment within the PACA region. PRIMI thus responds to the evolution of the markets and the professions towards the production and marketing of digital transmedia work with the objective to accompany and providing support to these professionals in their move towards new territories, to explore new forms of creativity, innovation and economic models, to challenge the existing limits of their professions and to imagine those of tomorrow. 

This group is thus resolutely turned towards innovation and the evolution of technology with a particular interest in transmedia work as a principal way of developing and furthering the productions and services provided for the « 5 screens » (cinema, TV, web, consoles and mobiles).

PRIMI represents a hundred companies based in the region, including Gamesud, the association of professionals working in video games.

Thus, as the cluster represents and promotes the professionals in the video game sector based in the PACA region (the fourth largest region in France in terms of the number of companies present that work within the field of video games according to the AFJV), it is particularly responsible for and in charge of providing support to these companies, and enable an event such as this to stand as the French reference for this business sector.

By organizing and establishing the first edition of the EIGD, PRIMI wishes to support the independent video game industry and thus inject new dynamics into a business sector that promises to contribute to further strengthen a region that is already at the apogee of innovation. 

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