Free Incendiary Content Pack released for Co-op Survival Horror FPS Killing Floor

Haarlem, The Netherlands– 8 October 2010– Premier PC videogames publisher and entertainment software developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive are pleased, once again, to announce the release of another free content pack for their hit co-op survival horror shooter„Killing Floor?, along with a new paid DLC Character Pack.

The free Incendiary Content Pack gives a big boost to the Firebug perk in the form of a brand new weapon– the MAC-10. This submachine gun not only packs a punch with a high rate of fire and .45 caliber rounds, but for the Firebug will also fire incendiary ammo that will make his enemies do the fire dance. With this the Firebug now has his own personal close-range weapon. Also included in the content pack are four new maps that were selected from the best maps entered in the Grindhouse map making competition. These maps have been given the„Tripwire Treatment? and have been polished up and made official.

As always the content pack is free to all those who already own Killing Floor and will automatically download upon starting the game. Highlights of the content pack include:

    <*>Four new maps– Hospital Horrors, Biohazard, Mountain Pass, and Suburbia <*>New Firebug weapon– the MAC-10 firing incendiary rounds <*>New money system– money now rewarded based on % of damage dealt rather than who gets the final shot, no more kill poaching for money! <*>Balance changes for several perks including the Sharpshooter, Commando, and Demolition perks <*>Bug and map exploit fixes
About Killing Floor

Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS taking place in the devastated cities and countryside of England, after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and your friends are members of the military and police, dropped into these locations with a simple mission: survive long enough to cleanse the area of the failed experiments.

The only problem is, these„experiments? aren't waiting to be taken out– they?re coming for YOU!

Killing Floor features

    <*>Co-op survival horror gameplay for up to six players against multiple waves of specimens <*>Persistent Perks system, enables players to convert their in-game achievements into permanent improvements to their character's skills and abilities <*>Over 60 Steam® Achievements <*>Slow-motion“ZEDtime” to better watch those violent creature deaths, even in multiplayer <*>Ten different monster types trying to eat your face off, armed with everything from teeth and claws, to chainsaws, chainguns and rocket-launchers <*>Over 20 weapons for the players to chose from, ranging from knives and fire-axes up to pump shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower. Add in a welder, medical tools and body armor to help the players survive <*>Open, non-linear play areas enable the player to choose where to fight the hordes <*>Players choose one of 7 Perks to play with, so they can best balance out a co-op team to survive the horrors <*>9 official maps included and more than 100 custom maps created to date! <*>Fully-configurable, allowing players to change things as simple as the difficulty level or number of creature waves, or go so far as to set up their own favorite waves of monsters <*>Solo game mode for offline play <*>Support for Steam Friends and other Steamworks™ features <*>Includes SDK for the creation of new levels and mods
About Tripwire Interactive

Based in Roswell, Georgia, Tripwire Interactive is an entertainment software developer and publisher founded in 2005 by the award-winning mod team and winners of the 2004 edition of the "$1,000,000 Make Something Unreal" competition. Released in early 2006, Tripwire Interactive's debut retail title Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 achieved both critical and commercial success garnering several awards including "Multiplayer Game of the Year" and "FPS of the Year" for 2006. Killing Floor, Tripwire's second title, jumped straight to the top of the Steam best-seller list and instantly became one of the top-ten most played FPS games in the world. With some of the most-played PC multiplayer games on the market and over 1,000,000 units sold on PC, Tripwire Interactive have proven that with hard work, determination, and great distribution partners, independent game developers can still make a big splash in the games industry. And if that wasn?t enough, in 2010, Tripwire is publishing Zeno Clash, The Ball, and Dwarfs, bringing more independent developers? products to the world. For more information visit Tripwire Interactive's website at

About Iceberg Interactive

Iceberg Interactive is a premier videogame publisher set to make a splash in the interactive entertainment industry. The company is staffed with a mix of industry veterans and upcoming young talent, has offices in key locations across Europe and has established relevant partnerships all over the globe, both for digital and retail releases. Hence why Iceberg is a great alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience. Iceberg focuses foremost on PC gaming and is among the market leaders for the following niche genres for PC: simulators, adventure and MMO/action games. For more information visit to keep up with the latest breaking news.

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