Paradox Interactive Releases First Hot Details of GDC 2012 Line-up

NEW YORK – February 8th, 2012 – Touting this year as the era of the indie developer, Paradox Interactive today announced a few of the tricks up their sleeve for this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Three new games will be announced, all based on brand new IP:s, including the new project from the Magicka team!

The Paradox Interactive gaming lounge at GDC will showcase four titles, three of which have yet to be announced. Paradox Interactive want to show you that their new collaboration with talented small game studios will rock your world. Or at least shake it a little bit.

To be announced at GDC, really, but we can't resist a little teaser:

Project “JFK” by Arrowhead Game Studios, creators of Magicka

Operating on the principle of “more is more”, project “JFK” will offer breakneck-paced multiplayer combat with a focus on killing your friends and looking cool doing it.

Project “Revenge!” by Brazilian dev team Critical Studio

All you need is two friends and one mortal enemy in this action packed action game in a world that can be described as death trap for heroes and children.

Project "Silverado" from acclaimed independent developer Zeal Game Studio

Prepare for a game that combines elements from popular RTS’s, infuses them with a dash of modern shooters, a side order of a tabletop wargame and a sprinkle of sci-fi and you’ve got yourself a Project “Silverado”.

Announced titles to be shown at GD C

A Game of Dwarves

Can you dig it? A Game of Dwarves, from acclaimed independent developer Zeal Game Studio, is a classic management game with a fantasy twist, A Game of Dwarves gives gamers the tricky task of overseeing and expanding an underground colony of industrious, treasure-hoarding dwarves deep down underground. Drinking, digging, and development are all a part of this new take on dwarven-kind, in an adventure that won’t short anyone’s fun. With all sorts of ancient caverns and forgotten creatures beneath your feet, only one question remains: Will you delve too greedily, and too deep?

War of the Roses by Paradox Interactive & Fatshark

From the creative mind of Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester, the outstanding talent of developer Fatshark, and brilliant leadership of former Battlefield producer Gordon Van Dyke, comes a melee combat multiplayer experience like no other.

War of the Roses, an ambitious and gritty medieval combat third-person massacre-r, will pit large teams of players into the muddied mail boots of medieval soldiers. Players will select from over 60 weapon types and attempt to brutalize opponents the old-fashioned way using swords, maces and much more. With a heavy emphasis on squad-based tactics, as well as a fully fleshed-out single combat mechanic that allows for a variety of attacks and parrying, War of the Roses aims to make its way into combat enthusiasts’ hearts – at the tip of a lance.