The wait is over: The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief trilogy can now be played in its entirety

London, UK – September 24 th 2013: Nordic Games and KING Art is pleased to announce that the third and final thrilling chapter from The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief, A Murder Of Ravens, is out now for PC, Mac and Linux. On October 24th, all three chapters will  be available as a DRM-free boxed version.

A Murder Of Ravens is a stimulating, charming and gripping chapter in The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief heist/whodunit adventure. Strong emphasis is placed on the narrative of this third chapter ; the player needs to pay close attention to every detail as this will put their investigative skills to the test whilst keeping them guessing until the very end of the tale.

Watch the launch trailer:

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