Warbird Games takes you into a pulp sci-fi world of bubble helmets, rockets and ray guns with a point 'n click interface!

FORT WORTH, TX - June 21, 2012 - Warbird Games, a new independent game developer, announces the first trailer for the sci-fi adventure game  Jack Houston and the Necronauts. Set in two timelines, Jack Houston begins in an alternate-universe version of 1999 as envisioned by early science fiction authors and artists like Chesley Bonestell, then advances 1,000 years into the future and drops the player into the savage world of Venus as inspired by pulp authors and artists like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard and Frank Frazetta.

"I grew up with Star Wars," says designer Stacy Davidson, "but I feel like there's this whole world of pulp sci-fi that influenced George Lucas a great deal, and has since been relatively neglected. I want to put on my bubble helmet and have adventures on our neighboring planets. I want to blast off in a rocket and fire ray guns at savage alien beasts. Actually getting to play this game when it's done will be a total dream come true for me."

Check out the promo video and trailer here on Kickstarter:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/warbirdgames/jack-houston-and-the-necronauts

The Hero: Captain Jack Houston is a rugged cowboy and rocket test pilot, who is thrust into otherworldly adventures in the tradition of John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Tom Corbett: Space Cadet. Playing Jack would be best described as placing Ben from  Full Throttle into  The Dig.

The Plot: Retired test pilot Jack Houston struggles with a tragic history in his reclusive solitude, but when the Venture Aeronautics and Space Transportation corporation recruits the destitute, alcoholic rancher for a final mission, he can't refuse. Manning the first rocket bound for the mysterious planet Venus, Jack is launched into the void, and into a strange new destiny. After a horrific crash landing, Jack awakens from suspended animation 1,000 years later to find himself captive of a savage race of Venusian beastmen who worship gods capable of animating the dead. Together with a tough, female space jockey and her wolf-like co-pilot, Jack must work to solve the mystery of these “Necronauts,” discovering a connection between the god-like creatures and himself that could be their undoing… and his.

The Technique: At Warbird Games, we've decided the best way to re-create the feel of starring in a 50's sci-fi movie is to actually re-create the original hollywood techniques. For Jack Houston and the Necronauts, we are preparing to build each scene in miniature and animate every character using stop motion. The end result will emulate the feel of exploring a Ray Harryhausen creature feature through a point and click adventure interface.

About Stacy Davidson: Davidson’s love of computer games began at the age of eight with the introduction of a TI-99/4A computer into his household. He later developed a short Extended Basic text adventure called  The Quest, followed by many simple arcade and RPG game prototypes on his Commodore 64. He spent a year in Quality Assurance at Origin Systems/EA, published his own shareware game called  Shadow of the Lost Citadel, and has spent the last eleven years working in motion pictures as a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer and visual effects supervisor at his own studio,  Odyssee Pictures. In 2010, his fan-game project  Han Solo Adventures was featured in  Star Wars: Uncut and  The People vs. George Lucas. Now at the helm of his new game studio, Davidson is looking forward to exploring the adventure genre in his never ending quest to recapture the glorious days when mysteries were solved and legends born one click at a time.

Interviews: Please email  stacy@warbirdgames.com if you would like to interview lead designer Stacy Davidson. You can find more info on his film career here.



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