Air Combat Pack

Release date September 30th 2011 Price £19.95
Format PC
Publisher Merge Games Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
Dominic Sacco

Air Combat Pack

Standard PC flight simulation games may only have the affection of a niche crowd of enthusiasts, but combat opens flying games up to a much wider audience.

Merge Games is providing retail with a collection of two airborne-based war titles – Dogfighter and Air Aces Pacific – to tap into the demand for combat flight sims.

The former is a fast-paced arcade-style aerial combat shooter with a comprehensive multiplayer mode. Up to 16 gamers can participate in dogfights online across four different modes including Capture the Flag and the traditional Deathmatch.

Wings of Death

Dogfighter features eight different aircrafts and more than 20 defensive and offensive weapons. Merge Games promises the planes are easy to fly, whether they are pursuing an enemy, doing a barrel roll or taking evasive manoeuvres. The game also includes online leaderboards and friend tracking. It comes presented in a premium retail box with an art book.

In Air Aces Pacific, gamers are thrown into World War II battles which contain over 50 aircrafts and 20 warships on-screen at the same time. The title includes day and night missions as well as a range of weather conditions, giving players a change of scenery.

As they progress throughout the 20 campaign missions, gamers can buy new planes and upgrades, as well as access downloadable content.

Merge Games says the arcade gameplay is ideal for casual gamers.Both titles will be promoted in print and through Merge’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts.


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