Airline Tycoon 2

Release date October 14th 2011 Price £29.99
Format PC
Publisher Kalypso Media UK Ltd Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
Billy Langsworthy

Airline Tycoon 2

Airline Tycoon returns to PC after more than a decade, complete with a range of new features.

Consumers can take a power hungry or more considerate means of creating an airline. The four in-game avatars each have their own strengths, weaknesses and approaches to business.

Players can build their airline up and create their own fleet of planes, ranging from the cheap and cheerful mass transportation models to VIP luxury jets. Along with planning arrivals and landings and maintaining a good image, gamers must face troublesome passengers and random events.

Targeting Tycoon fans

Kalypso’s Mark Allen tells MCV:?“It’s been over a decade since the bestselling Airline Tycoon bought its legendary tongue-in-cheek economic simulation gameplay to PC gamers and fans have been crying out for a sequel for many years. It will appeal to fans of the original game, fans of tycoon games and new PC gamers.

“We know there’s great excitement within the strategy tycoon forums and communities for the release of Airline Tycoon 2 and the price point is perfect for that gifting market.”


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