Angry Birds Space

Release date March 2nd 2012 Price £10.20
Format PC
Publisher Focus Multimedia Ltd Distributor Focus Multimedia/open
Developer Rovio Contact 01889 570156
Dominic Sacco

Angry Birds Space

In the space of just over two years Angry Birds has become one of the hottest games properties.

With over 700m downloads in the series to date – and 10m just for Space in three days – the action puzzler is a smash hit with children and adults alike.

The original saw a variety of cartoon birds catapult themselves into structures to defeat an army of evil pigs. Then came along the spin-offs, including movie tie-in Rio and holiday-themed Seasons. But Space is a real leap forward.

“With its heritage, visuals, gameplay and mass appeal, Angry Birds Space is destined to be one of the biggest game releases we have ever seen,” says Focus Multimedia’s PR and marketing manager Alan Wild. The firm is responsible for publishing the PC game at retail in the UK. 

Brand lift-off

In Space, players can fling the birds in zero gravity, or use the gravitational pull of nearby planets to set up special trick shots. There are 60 in-game levels to tackle, as well as hidden zones to discover – not to mention regular free updates from Rovio.

The developer says gameplay has been optimised for all platforms, including full Retina display support on the new iPad. The boxed PC version also offers its own unique selling points, claims budget specialist Focus Multimedia.

“The PC version removes the need for a costly mobile device and so allows for total mass-market penetration,” adds Wild. 

“Angry Birds on PC opens up a world of gift buying, impulse purchase and attached sales opportunities that you can only truly get with a boxed product. 

“The brand strength brings longevity and the range continues to be popular on PC.”

Bird bundle

The full range of boxed Angry Birds games from publisher Focus Multimedia includes the original game, as well as Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons and now Space. They’re £10.20 each.

Retail Space invaders

Angry Birds Space marks the first ‘integrated entertainment launch’ for Rovio, with all manner of new merchandise and books available at retail at the same time as the game. Retailers can stock soft toys and clothing.

Angry Birds Land

Rovio is planning to open Angry Birds areas in Finnish and British theme parks. These will feature rides and other games, including special zones where ‘outdoor activities and the gaming world meet’.

Hitting the kids TV space

A short Angry Birds Space film aired on children’s TV channel Nickelodeon on Friday, March 23rd, to mark the game’s launch on digital platforms. It revealed six new characters and tells the story of how the Angry Birds end up in space.


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