Batman: Arkham Origins - Retail Essentials

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Batman: Arkham Origins - Retail Essentials

MCV takes a look at Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros' latest installment in the official series of The Dark Knight

We detail the game's features, whilst looking at the game's multiplayer mode – the first in the Arkham series.

Batman: Arkham Origins is out October 25th.

Arkham Origins is the third instalment in Warner Bros’ Batman franchise. The game is a prequel to 2009’s Arkham Asylum and 2011’s Arkham City.

Origins offers a new look at the caped crusader, portraying a young and unrefined Batman. The game takes place before the rise of Gotham’s most notorious villains and has players discover Bruce Wayne’s roots.

Consumers will encounter a number of familiar faces from the Batman universe. As the game’s storyline progresses, gamers will be introduced to these iconic characters and discover the forging of key relationships.

The series’ open-world gameplay returns in Origins as players are free to roam Gotham City. As gamers explore the world, they’re able to complete new Crime in Progress side-missions and aid the city’s authorities by saving officers and preventing crime.

Orgins also puts an emphasis on a players’ detective skills. Batman is now able to scan a crime scene using Detective Vision to highlight clues, points of interest and display holograms to act out the possible events that occurred.

Batman fans will also appreciate the newly added Fast Travel system, which lets gamers summon the Batwing. Using the plane, players can transport to different areas of the city.

Warner Bros is also bringing its Arkham franchise to handheld for the first time with the release of Arkham Origins: Blackgate. Launching on 3DS and Vita, Blackgate lets players continue the storyline of Origins on-the-go.

Warner Bros introduced the Arkham franchise in 2009 and it has become the most successful superhero game to date.

The series is based on the events of DC Comics’ Batman franchise and has gone on to spawn five instalments across console, PC, handheld and mobile.

Batman: Arkham Asylum sold over two million units worldwide during its first three weeks of release, topping the UK charts for two weeks.

Meanwhile, Arkham Ctity went on to sell 2m units during its debut week at retail and set a new franchise record. It also became one of the fastest selling games ever, going on to sell over six million copies.

Games rental service GameFly even declared Arkham City as the most requested game of 2011, beating out Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Amazon will offer UK consumers a Collector’s Edition SKU of Arkham Origins exclusive to the retailer.

The Collector’s Edition is aimed at cult Batman fans and offers a variety of incentives, including the collectable statuette of Batman and The Joker locked in combat.

Buyers of the edition will also get their hands on an 80-page hardcover artbook, exclusive 3D metal box and Assassin’s Intel Dossier, which includes files on the game’s assasins.

A variety of in-game DLC is also bundled with the Collector’s Edition, including the First Appearance Batman costume and Deathstroke Challenge Pack, which introduces two new challenge maps and Deathstroke skins.

PS3 owners will also get the platform exclusive Knightfall content and its additional Batman costumes and challenge maps.

Batman: Arkham Origins will feature a multiplayer mode for the first time in the series’ history.

The mode will mix the traditional gameplay of previous games with third-person shooter mechanics.

Origins’ online mode lets players take on the role of Batman and Robin, or villains The Joker and Bane as the two sides face off against one other.

The Invisible Predator Online mode revolves around gang warfare between villains Bane and The Joker. Its gameplay pits two teams of three players against one another as they also fend off Batman and Robin.

The reinforcement- based mode has villainous players attempt to eliminate the opposing team, whilst the Dark Knight and sidekick must collect intimidation points be taking out enemy gang members.

As players progress through the mode, they’re able to unlock new outfits and gear for each of these characters to equip in-game, including classic costumes from Batman: The Animated Series.

Whilst the Invisible Predator Online mode isn’t directly linked to Origins’ main campaign, it is set within the same game universe and players who progress through the story will also unlock further upgrades for use.


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