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Brink blends single player, co-op and multiplayer gameplay into one entire experience, allowing the player to develop their character whether playing with friends or alone.

The game takes place on a man-made floating city called the Ark, which is supposed to be a self-sufficient habitat. But the population now finds itself on the verge of civil war – hence the title.

The rapid rise of the earth’s oceans has forced thousands of refugees seek shelter on this man-made island.

However, the city’s original founders and their descendants are very territorial. Tensions between the two groups are rising, with security and resistance forces caught in the middle, battling for the control of the Ark.

Brink features a ton of customisation options, with a mix of dynamic battlefields, and brings a whole new style of gameplay to Bethesda’s portfolio. The game uses familiar shooting controls but includes a unique feature called the SMART button, which works out exactly which movement the player is trying to do in the game and then assists him or her.

Bethesda’s gone to great lengths to promote the game, building on PR and marketing efforts since the first announcement.

The brand’s distinctive blue hue is being used for a ‘Brink-Wash’ campaign that sees the game promoted in shopping malls, telephone boxes and bus stops, to key premium six-sheet locations.

Extensive online activity has already run across specialist and lifestyle media to raise pre-launch awareness. Going forward, a cinema campaign is running alongside Sucker Punch, The Hangover 2, Thor, and X-Men:First Class until the end of June.

Meanwhile TV advertising will run from just before launch to June, with a spot during the FA Cup Final.

Bring a friend

Brink boasts a comprehensive co-op mode. This allows friends to join and take part in missions from the single-player campaign. Alternatively, players can fight alongside other gamers online or against bots controlled by the AI.

Look the part

Brink features endless customisation options, which includes armour, mask, guns and tattoos, as well as control customisation that lets players change the button layout to suit their gaming style.

Meet the makers

Splash Damage, the creators of Brink, have previously created such  games as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the multiplayer-focused follow-up to Activision’s Return To Castle Wolfenstein.


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