Circus World

Release date September 21st 2012 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Excalibur Distributor Contact Sales Ltd
Developer - Contact 01869 338833
Lauren Wainwright

Circus World

It’s probably about time you got over that irrational fear of clowns as the circus is coming to town and you’re in charge.

Circus World sees players manage a travelling circus, which is in some dire need of expansion. Gamers will need to hire performers, purchase sideshows, manage the budget and invest in bigger tents and equipment as the circus makes its way across the UK, France and even to New York.

Simulation fans will be happy as they have full reign to tweak prices, hire and fire performers, manage the fast food stands and invest in advertisement campaigns.

There are rival circuses that will bid on performers and locations against the gamer, meaning players will need to keep an eye on the competition.

There are over 60 cities to choose from, each with their own weather system, which means heavy rainstorms and blizzards could impact the amount of visitors a circus could get.

With over 30 different acts to choose from, ranging from jugglers, knife throwers, human canons and more, and a huge variety of customisation, players can enjoy creating the ultimate show.

Circus World heads to PC on September 21st.


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