Cubic Ninja

Dominic Sacco

Cubic Ninja

Traditional ninjas may be one of the coolest characters in history of warfare, but they’re nothing compared to cute ninjas.

Eidos spotted a gap in the market for its Mini Ninjas action game in 2009, but Ubisoft’s new Cubic Ninja is a different beast.

The 3DS title focuses on platforming as opposed to brawling. It uses the handheld’s built-in gyroscope to let gamers tilt the device in order to navigate their hero around each level.

Cubic Ninja puts gamers in control of a little square-shaped ninja called CC. His friends have been kidnapped – along with a princess – and it’s down to the player to rescue them. There are 100 levels full of traps to avoid, such as giant fans, spikes, waterfalls and more. Gamers will have to outwit enemies by avoiding them, too.

Levels are filled with a variety of obstacles and items such as switches that lower walls, and pockets of air that CC can use to propel himself around.

Create and share

On top of the game’s built-in stages, players can create their own worlds before exporting them as a QR code. These can then be scanned and accessed by players across the world (see ‘What’s a QR code?’). 3DS owners can also challenge their friends to beat their best scores by sharing time trial ghost replays.

And for gamers who prefer using the 3DS’ Circle Pad to control the action rather than physically moving the console around, that option is also available.

But levels, extras and accessible platforming gameplay aside, it’s Cubic Ninja’s cute and endearing style that sets itself apart from other 3DS games on the market.

As the Nintendo 3DS has been on sale for just over two months now, there’s still plenty of room for publishers to attempt to establish new franchises on the device, and Ubisoft is doing just that with the inventive Cubic Ninja.

Gyroscope gameplay

The Nintendo 3DS gyroscope sensor allows players to tilt the device and control the on-screen gameplay in Cubic Ninja. Nintendo showcased this style of play with Face Raiders – a game that comes pre-installed on the 3DS’ hard drive.

What’s a QR code?

It’s a special type of barcode that allows a smartphone camera or other scanning device to almost instantly load a website or display an image. In Cubic Ninja’s case, it allows players to quickly access other users’ custom-made in-game levels.


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