Dance Central 3

Release date October 19th 2012 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Distributor Gem
Developer - Contact 01279 822800
Lauren Wainwright

Dance Central 3

Dancing games have been part of an interesting evolution since motion gaming took hold. Previously, we’d follow arrows on slippery dance mats or head to the arcade and embarass ourselves for a pound a go. Now we can thrust, twist, and jiggle about in the comfort of our own living rooms and actually learn a thing or two. Which is why it’s great to see Dance Central get a third release.

With a number of new features including an all-new multiplayer mode and the most assorted soundtrack yet, this new game will liven up any family’s lounge.

The game has a brand new story, which involves players becoming a new recruit for the Dance Central Intelligence headquarters. Dr. Tan returns from the previous game, wanting to put an end to the party. It is down to players to gain the agency’s trust by finding all the hidden power moves and putting them together to form a Dance Craze. Experience points will unlock different outfits, too.

Dancers can enjoy moving along through some classic routines including ‘Electric Slide’, as well as learning the new shapes of today. An alternative mode is Crew Throwdown, which involves two teams dancing against each other, fighting to become the best crew. There are also mini-games such as Keep the Beat, where dancers earn points based on rhythm, and Make Your Move where players have the challenging task of making up their own dance moves and then mastering a spontaneous routine. And for the more casual dancer there’s a party mode which lets players drop in and out of play at their own pace.

There’s more than 40 songs on the disc, and an already bulging back catalogue of DLC from both previous Dance Central games.

Dance Central 3 also offers full voice navigation enabling voice commands for menu options. You can shout out any song that you wish to dance to and the game will find it. Also worth noting is that the Dance Central 3 mobile app allows players to create a playlist, track goals or challenge friends on Xbox LIVE.

Dance Central 3 hits stores October 19th for Xbox 360.


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