Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Dominic Sacco

Dead or Alive: Dimensions

The Dead or Alive franchise has been running for 15 years and now it finally makes its debut on a Nintendo console with Dimensions.

Fans can experience the classic fighting style of Dead or Alive but this time in 3D, which lets players feel more immersed in the combat.

Dimensions will not just appeal to hardcore fans of the franchise, but those new to the series thanks to the Chronicle Mode. This takes consumers through the complete Dead or Alive story, starting from the original tournament all the way through to Dead or Alive 4.

Players begin as Kasumi but fight as various characters from the series. Chronicles also includes all-new parts of the story which should appeal to the existing fans.

Whilst fighting will take place on the 3DS’ top screen, the bottom screen will house another new first for the series – an ‘Interactive Move List’ which contains a series of attack combinations and commands. These enable gamers to perform a fight combo simply by touching the desired move on the list,

Consumers can also take part in frantic fights in Arcade Mode as well as in the Survival Mode, a feature that pits gamers against opponent after opponent until they suffer that dreaded K.O.


If kicking the computer-controlled characters’ backsides is not enough, Dimensions features local and online play, allowing users to prove their fighting credentials against players from across the globe. They can also play together in Tag Team.

And it’s not all about throwing 3D punches, the Showcase option allows fans to place unlockable action figures on a stage and take 3D photos of them.

Fans of the franchise can look forward to fighting with more than 20 playable Dead or Alive characters including favourites such as Hayabusa and Jan Lee as well as Raido, Brad Wong and Alpha 152. The popular females – such as Tina Armstrong – also return.

The various settings in the game include the blossoming garden Kyoto in Bloom and the Geothermal Power, a stage taken from Metroid: Other M, which challenges players to fight opponents whilst avoiding attacks from recurring Metroid villain, Ridley.

Team Ninja

Alongside developing the Dead or Alive franchise, Team Ninja is responsible for some of the most acclaimed titles of recent times. It produced last year’s Metroid: Other M for Wii, a different, more narrative take on the Metroid platforming shooter franchise.

It is also known for the popular Ninja Gaiden series which currently has a third title in the works.

Alive since 1996

Dead or Alive: Dimensions marks the first Nintendo release for the Dead or Alive franchise and looks to continue the ongoing success of the brand.

Whilst the main series consists of four titles, spin-offs have included two extreme beach volleyball titles, a PSP release that focused on beach mini-games as well as a film in 2007 featuring Holly Valance.


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