Deadfall Adventures - Retail Essentials

Release date November 15th 2013 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Nordic Games Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
Release date November 15th 2013 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Nordic Games Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a

Deadfall Adventures - Retail Essentials

MCV examines Nordic Games' Indiana Jones' inspired title with its mix of shooting and exploration.

Deadfall Adventures releases November 15th. 

Set in 1938, gamers take on the role of adventurer James Lee Quartermain as he races both the Nazis and?Russians to find an ancient artifect called the Heart of Atlantis. Accompanying James is US?agent Jennifer Goodwin.

Exploration is the main focus of the game – James has a compass that points out where treasure is hidden in the levels. Players will need to solve puzzles in order to retrieve this treasure, but taking this booty comes with a price, such as the activation of traps or enemies being released.

Gamers have to be careful of traps, but they can also be used to their advantage.

Also in James’ possession is his great-grandfather’s notebook – this will provide hints as to how the player should progress.

While shooting is not the full focus of Deadfall Adventures, the title features over 30 1930s themed weapons.

As well as human enemies, Deadfall Adventures features supernatural foes. These include mummies that can be burnt and defeated by shining light on them.

The story takes players around the world – from the desert sandstorms of Egypt to the tropical jungles of Guatemala via the icy tundra of the Arctic.

The title also comes with a multiplayer mode where gamers can compete in deathmatch and team deathmatch. There is also Treasure Hunt mode where dead players drop treasure that can be collected for extra points.

Successful gamers can activate Killing Spree rewards, including the ability to turn into a Mayan warrior that will decimate foes.

The game is loosely based on the Allan Quartermain series of books by H. R. Haggard – the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

In the run up to Deadfall Adventures’ release, Nordic will be delivering pre-roll trailers on YouTube in addition to a promoted CGI trailer. The title will also be taking over GameSpot with a sponsored masthead and gamespace takeover on the company’s site.

The publisher has also teamed up with Google to ensure Deadfall Adventures recieves a top spot in Google searches until December. The game will also be advertised via the search giant through core gaming channels and apps to target the 16 to 40 demographic.

At October 26th’s London MCM there were hands on PC and Xbox 360 demo pods for attendees to try. On November 7th Nordic held an event at the National Geographic store in Knightsbridge where gamers could get their hands on the multiplayer portion of the title in addition to a talk from real life adventurer Leon McCarron.

Deadfall Adventures captures the spirit, excitement, danger and exploration from Sir H. R. Haggard’s Lost World novels, made famous in recent times by the likes of Indiana Jones films. Combining first person action with exploration and puzzle solving in a 1930s setting, provides the game with a real point of difference that has a very broad appeal. Xbox 360 and PC gamers are always looking for games that are not on the FPS/zombie merry-go-round and this is why retailers should stock the game.

Whilst the typical FPS trigger points are well catered for with authentic WWII weaponry, we have also introduced environmental traps to help the adventurer take a more varied and considered route for progress.

These come in to play in both the single and multiplayer modes. Key to any good adventure romp is of course a love interest, which in this case is taken care of by Quatermain’s sharp-minded self-sufficient aide, Agent Goodwin. Like the game’s lush locations and outstanding graphics, Goodwin isn’t too harsh on the eye either.


In addition to the Standard Edition of the game, there is a Collector’s Edition which will include multiplayer and weapon skin DLC, a making of film, the game’s soundtrack and an on-disc artbook. 


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