Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Release date August 26th 2011 Price £49.99
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Square Enix Distributor Open
Developer Eidos Montreal Contact n/a
Release date August 26th 2011 Price £49.99
Format PS3
Publisher Square Enix Distributor Open
Developer Eidos Montreal Contact n/a
Release date August 26th 2011 Price £34.99
Format PC
Publisher Square Enix Distributor Open
Developer Eidos Montreal Contact n/a
Dominic Sacco

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Square Enix reckons this action RPG prequel can be one of the best games of 2011. Dominic Sacco finds out why.

Game franchise revivals provide publishers with an opportunity to re-excite a dedicated pool of fans and give an IP a much-needed makeover at the same time. July saw a new Duke Nukem finally hit shelves, and Driver and Rayman will get updates later this year. But arguably one of the biggest comebacks will be for Deus Ex.

Both the original 2000 PC FPS and the 2003 console sequel Invisible War were critically acclaimed for their RPG-fused shooting and gritty plots. Now Square Enix is delivering Human Revolution.

“This is the prequel to what is regarded as the greatest PC game of all time,” Square Enix marketing manager Paul Benjamin tells MCV.

“Eidos Montreal has combined action, stealth, hacking and social gameplay to create a true open- ended, choice and consequence-based RPG masterpiece. The marketing and PR campaign will help us make sure it will be one of the games of 2011.”

Human evolution

Gameplay in Human Revolution comprises of first-person shooting, a third-person stealth and cover system, computer hacking and interacting with other characters.

Players can augment protagonist Adam Jensen with new weapons and skills to suit their play style, from punching through walls to being immune to toxic gas or even turning invisible. Gamers can choose to see through walls, run silently, launch miniature explosions and more.

As an ex-SWAT specialist, Jensen is hired to defend and protect an experimental biotechnology firm. Events see him adopt the firm’s human-enhancing tech to transform himself into a super soldier.As an action RPG full of impressive weaponry and skills, Human Revolution is shaping up to be one of this year’s biggest games.

Big-budget marketing

Square Enix says one of its biggest marketing budgets will be used to get the game in front of buyers. Ads will run during the England vs Holland football match on TV on August 10th, targeting males aged between 18 and 35 years old. A YouTube and online campaign will achieve over 50m page impressions, while LoveFilm envelopes will be branded with Human Revolution imagery, as will Rustlers food packs.

Deus Extra SKUs

The Augmented SKU (£44.99 – £59.99) includes 10,000 in-game credits, a DVD, soundtrack and art book. The Collector’s Edition (£89.99 – £99.99) comes with the above and a figure.

Facebook unlocks

Facebook users can unlock more details on Human Revolution – including new videos, artwork and behind-the-scenes footage – by liking the game’s social network page.

Deus Ex merch

Square Enix’s merchandising division has produced an Adam Jensen figure for fans, while a novel has hit shelves. Clothing firm Level Up Wear also has Human Revolution T-shirts in stock.


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