Dream Trigger 3D

Dominic Sacco

Dream Trigger 3D

The Nintendo 3DS already caters to a wide variety of games fans, thanks to a roster that includes platform games, racers, RPGs, beat ‘em ups, sports titles, strategy and pet simulators.

Now the cult arcade shooter genre can be added to the list with Dream Trigger 3D. Boasting gameplay that’s reminiscent of Rez and Ubisoft’s latest hit Child of Eden, the game challenges players to save a world of dreams by blasting colourful pixelated enemies into stunning 3D patterns.

3DS owners will no doubt want to invest in headphones for this as the focus of Dream Trigger is on sound. The aiming reticule is a sonar used to detect sounds that are activated when shot.

Similarly, the flashing images in the background change with the rhythm of the multi-track soundtrack of specially created electronic beats. Tunes are complemented by the tones emitted with every kill players score, every attack they dodge and every enemy they face.

Pull the trigger

As with any decent arcade shooter, there is plenty of challenge for seasoned players, with over 50 levels and 100 challenges to complete. The bulk of these are crammed into the main campaign – the World Play mode – where gamers are challenged to clear each dreamscape of evil nightmares.

Also available is the Free Play mode, where consumers can hone their skills by replaying their favourite levels. Then there’s Time Attack mode, where they can race against the clock to prove their mastery of the game.

They can even go head-to-head with another 3DS owner in the two-player Versus mode. Players must compete to shoot enemies and get the highest score and can even attack their rival with a sonar to temporarily disable them. This allows the free player to nab extra points.

Dream Trigger’s addictive gameplay and unique presentation is sure to appeal to plenty of handheld gamers when it arrives this month, giving fans of the arcade shooter a fresh challenge to enjoy this summer.


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