Easy Interactive DS range

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Easy Interactive DS range

100 Classic Games

With smartphones enabling consumers to carry an almost unlimited number of games in their pocket, it only makes sense for traditional games publishers to cater for this on other formats.

Easy Interactive’s 100 Classic Games is the latest compilation to arrive on Nintendo DS, and features a wide range of card games, board games and puzzles. The result is a title with something for everyone.

Card games range from ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ poker to solitaire, while some truly timeless board games such as chess, checkers and variations on the two have been included.

Finally, there are several brain-teasers for commuters to enjoy, from the simple pleasures of Spot the Difference to the more cerebral Sudoku puzzles.

All games are controlled by the touch screen and come with different difficulty levels.

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allen Poe Conspiracy

Hidden object games are rife in the market at the moment, and the ones with compelling storylines keep the genre alive.

To aid this effort, Easy Interactive has put together a thriller in the form of Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allen Poe Conspiracy, in which players are given 24 hours to discover who was behind the famous author’s suspicious death.

Gamers have to explore the pieces of literature Poe penned – including The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart, in order to find clues about his life.

They will also have to question witnesses, including up to 30 ghosts from the past, as well as mastering brain-teasing mini-games.

Black crows will offer hints, but if players select too many wrong options before using them, the birds will fly away, making such help unavailable for some time.

Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues

In Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues, players attempt to solve devious crimes in Tinsel Town, but this is far from just a new point-and-click adventure.

The story is told through conversation scenes, during which gamers have to keep an eye out for clues and evidence. These sequences appear in between levels that challenge players to solve a variety of puzzle and mini-games.

Some of these are skill-based, such as a Guitar Hero-style reflex game, as well as drawing challenges. In these, players must sketch specific pictures and characters within a time limit.

Others take on the form of puzzle challenges, such as memory games, word finders, slide and jigsaw puzzles, and even Minesweeper.

The variety of both the cases and the activities is bound to keep DS owners occupied, making Hollywood Files a promising title.


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