Emily the Strange

Dominic Sacco

Emily the Strange

While ‘girl power’ may have waned since the split of the Spice Girls, it lives on through Emily the Strange.

Despite originally being inspired by an old skateboard design, Emily the Strange has gone on to become one of the most unique brands around.

The alternative goth teen adorns a range of merchandise from toys, books and stationery to footwear, jewellery and beauty products. And she’s about to make the leap to video games in a self-titled DS adventure.

The game puts players in control of Emily, who has a nightmare about her cats being stolen, only to later find them missing in real life. Gamers must solve over 60 puzzles to rescue the cats.

With a target audience of girls aged eight to 14, and women from 20 to 34 years old, as well as teenagers, Emily the Strange is ideal for female DS owners. It will be promoted on the Emily.com website, by Emily licensors and at events including the MCM Expo.

“Emily the Strange has a huge following with over 1.5m unique visitors to its official website per month,” says PQube’s key account and trade marketing manager Abid Gangat. “It’s an iconic brand and one of the best titles out on DS this summer.”


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