Fable: The Journey

Release date October 12th 2012 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Distributor Gem
Developer Lionhead Studios Contact 01279 822800
Lauren Wainwright

Fable: The Journey

Popular Xbox franchise Fable returns to consoles as a Kinect experience in Fable: The Journey.

Pitched as a Kinect title for the hardcore, the game follows players on a journey with their horse where they can explore the pretty Albion countryside. Gamers must look after their horse by healing, talking and guiding it through the world.

Fans of the franchise will recognise locations and characters from previous titles, including the mysterious Theresa while newcomers will enjoy the classic British humour, magic and strange creatures that are now hallmarks of the series.

“We have great confidence in the hard work and passion that Lionhead have poured into Fable: The Journey, and trust this will be clear to people who purchase the game on October 12th,” says Xbox UK’s Fable Product Manager, Laura Disney.

“Having created the game with Kinect controls in mind from the very beginning, we’re seeing this title receive recognition from both fans and media as a true story-driven experience for Kinect owners.”

Microsoft plans on supporting Fable: The Journey with a full range of POS for retailers and print adverts in specialist publications.

“We’ll be targeting our highly engaged database of consumers via our Xbox-owned channels such as newsletters, social media and the Xbox dashboard.

“There will also be a demo for Fable: The Journey, launching on Xbox Live on September 18th, which is a first for a Fable game,” added Disney. With its unique magic system, recognisable series creatures and a whole host of tactical ways to dispose of your enemies, players of all types will find themselves drawn into the wonderful world of Albion.

Containing enough nods to the past to please longtime Fable fans as well as plenty to entice those new to the series, Fable:The Journey looks to ensure that the first ever Kinect adventure for the franchise is yet another successful one.

Vocal Power
Ever found yourself shouting at the screen during a particularly difficult boss fight? Getting a little vocal during a battle actually enhances your magical power by up to four times.

Kinect Focus
Fable: The Journey is just one of the Kinect enhanced titles hitting the Xbox 360 during the holidays. Dance Central 3, Nike+ Kinect Training, Forza Horizon, and Sesame Street TV are all available for fans of motion and voice. controllers.

Fable Heroes
As eager fans wait for The Journey, they can play the XBLA title Fable Heroes to unlock new goodies within the game. Gold earned in Fable Heroes can also be transferred toThe Journey and used as experience.

Fable Franchise
Launched in 2004, the first game was a commercial success, selling over 600,000 in its first month. The Journey is the fifth instalment in the series, and is the last Peter Molyneux-headed Fable game.


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