Fighter Within - Retail Essentials

Release date November 22nd 2013 Price n/a
Format Xbox One
Publisher Ubisoft Distributor Gem Distribution
Developer - Contact 01279 822 822

Fighter Within - Retail Essentials

MCV takes a look at Ubisoft's exclusive Xbox One title that makes the most of Microsoft's updated Kinect.

Fighter Within hits stores on November 22nd. 

Fighter Within is a fighting game that uses Microsoft’s Kinect to translate movements from players to their on-screen character.

The game makes players feel like a real fighter – there are over 25 movements available to the gamer and Ubisoft claims there is no latency or delay. Movements include basic punches and kicks as well as counters and more complicated combos.

Gamers can play as one of 12 characters. These include tattooed Indian warriors, Buddhist monks, Japanese female ninjas and American kickboxers.

Fighters take damage in real-time giving gamers a good idea of how they are doing. Character models also gather little details such as blood and sweat.

As well as regular movements, there are KI Strikes – these are character specific special moves that can be used once the KI meter has been filled up. Players can also use the game environment to their advantage thanks to contextual moves. The levels take damage as fights go on.

The game supports both local and online multiplayer – two players at a time can duke it out.

Ubisoft is teaming up with TrueView to deliver pre-roll trailers on YouTube with the aim of targeting UFC and MMA fans.

The publisher will also be using social media to promote the game and the software bundles available when the Xbox One launches.

This is in addition to the outdoors promotion – Ubisoft will be showing off the fighting title at the Xbox One loft space that Microsoft are occuping in Shoreditch, London. This will give both press and consumers the chance to get a pre-launch hands-on with the game.

Fighter Within is also great with friends thanks to the new Kinect which allows us to deliver a fun and physical
local multiplayer experience. There’s a lot to be said for inviting a couple of mates around and finding out who is the best fighter amongst you. As one of the only Xbox One launch titles to make full use of Kinect which ships with every console, this is a great title for consumers to experience the vast improvements that the new Kinect offers. As such, we anticipate a good sell through at launch and we will be giving it every opportunity by working closely with retailers to promote soft bundles when bought with an Xbox One.


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