Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Release date June 29th 2012 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Ubisoft Distributor Gem
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Dominic Sacco

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft tells us how its latest Ghost Recon game can be this summer’s ‘smartest’ shooter.

In a market awash with shooters, Ghost Recon has provided gamers with a more tactical experience.

Future Soldier is the latest in Ubisoft’s popular third-person shooter series – which has been around for over ten years – and it promises gamers plenty of cool new weapons, modes and even Xbox 360 Kinect compatibility. 

Like other Recon titles, it’s set in the near future and follows a squad of stealthy US special forces known as ‘Ghosts’. Players must take control of the unit across the globe in order to cripple a terrorist threat.

The game has been described by Ubisoft as a ‘smart shooter’ – one that challenges players to think before firing. Users can take a soft, subtle approach, go all guns blazing, snipe or attack at close quarters.

“It’s a smart shooter,” says Ubisoft’s IP development director Adrian Lacey. “People want a new experience and this is something different. We pride ourselves on working with special forces and how they see the battlefield and how they react. They think before they shoot.”

Ghost busters

Future Soldier has a host of features including a ten-hour campaign, four-player co-op, over 50 weapons, three classes, ten maps and four game modes.

The Gunsmith mode for Xbox 360 Kinect lets players customise their weapon loadouts and take their unique gun onto a firing range. Of course, there’s plenty of futuristic technology to use in-game, including infra-red sensors and an ATLAS system that lets Ghosts synchronise their shots to fire at certain enemies at the same time.

Ubisoft brand manager Matt Benson says: “The Tom Clancy franchise is one of Ubisoft’s premier properties, with titles that always deliver quality gameplay and a strong narrative to immerse gamers in the rich universe of the Clancy books.

“The marketing campaign aims to punch through and grab our consumers’ attention at launch with a significant weight of spend behind it.” (see ‘Ubisoft’s £1m marketing campaign’). "The Ghosts are back.”

Consumers can also pre-order a Signature Edition, which includes extra weapons, skins and bonus map.

Ubisoft's £1m marketing campaign


This campaign kicks off on May 17th and will run until May 31st. Ads will appear on a range of channels including a prominent spot during the Champions League final on ITV1 and Sky Sports. There will be 30-second and 10-second ads on the small screen.


Ads including homepage takeovers will run on games websites like IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot. There will be activity on YouTube and the Machinima channel, as well as video-on-demand ads on Videology, 4oD, Sky Anytime and Sky Go.


Advertising has been placed around The Raid, an ultra-violent Indonesian film about a SWAT team that becomes trapped in a safehouse for dangerous killers and criminals. This activity will run from May 18th to June 7th.

Ghost Recon Alpha

This live-action short film covers the events leading up to Future Soldier. Fans will be able to view it online.


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