Gravity Rush

Release date June 15th 2012 Price n/a
Format Vita
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
James Batchelor

Gravity Rush

Sony’s latest adventure aims to shake up PS Vita sales. James Batchelor discovers how. 

The multitude of control mechanisms packed into PlayStation Vita lend themselves to some unique games – a point proven by Sony’s Gravity Rush.

This innovative RPG takes place in a floating town and puts players in control of a young girl who gains the ability to change gravity.

Gamers can send her flying through the town by tapping a button to float in the air and simply tilting the console in the direction they want. Using the change in gravity to gain momentum, they can slam into their enemies or smash through obstacles.

As they progress through the game, they’ll gain new attacks and discover new ways to use gravity to their advantage. It’s an innovative concept from director Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Silent Hill.

Falling for Vita

The game debuted in Japan back in February. Not only was it a critical smash, it shifted 100,000 units within the first two months on sale – and naturally Sony is hoping for similar success in the UK.

“We expect big things for Gravity Rush, although on the surface it may appear to be a niche title,” SCE UK’s product manager Lucy Duncan tells MCV.

“Since its release in Japan, it has had both gamers and the gaming press excited and has received rave reviews. The game has a very cool graphical style that speaks to fans of both manga and anime as well as European comics.”

Sony’s marketing campaign will be focused around homepage takeovers and online banners across key gaming websites, as well as ads in the specialist press.

The platform holder will also run competitions through its own channels, including social media like Facebook and PlayStation Access. The latter will also give PS Vita owners a playable demo.


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