Holiday hardware

Dominic Sacco

Holiday hardware

MCV rounds up some of the essential gaming accessories on shelves this winter.

1. Super Mario 3D Land 3DS bundle
Price: Around £159.99 to £179.99
Vendor: Nintendo
Contact: 01753 483700
This special ice white version of the Nintendo 3DS comes with a copy of Super Mario 3D Land.

2. PS3 320GB bundle
Price: £249.99
Vendor: Sony
Contact: 020 7859 5000
Customers can pick up a 320GB PS3 with a Move Starter Pack, any Move game and The Karate Kid.

3. GameGadget
Price: £99.99
Vendor: GameGadget/Blaze
Contact: 01302 776480
An innovative new gaming handheld with a focus on iTunes-style game retro downloads.

4 X12 Gaming Headset
Price: £54.99
Vendor: Turtle Beach/Lygo
Contact: 01912 306650
This 360/PC headset features 50mm speakers and separate game and chat volume controls. 

5. EX-05 Military Headset
Price: £69.99
Vendor: Gioteck
Contact: 07748 807617
This multi-format lightweight headset offers stereo sound and crystal clear voice communication.

6. Tritton AX Pro
Price: £149.99
Vendor: Mad Catz/Entatech
Contact: 0333 101 9690
Four separate speakers in each earcup provide gamers with a true 5.1 surround sound experience.

7. Air Flo Controller
Price: £19.99
Vendor: PowerA/BDA
Contact: 07771 927688
Using a built-in cooling fan, this controller keeps PS3 owners’ hands cool during intense gaming sessions.

8. Speedlink Strike Bluetooth Joypad
Price: £34.99
Vendor: Meroncourt
Contact: 01462 680 060
This wireless PS3 controller works up to ten metres away via Bluetooth – no need for a receiver.

9. 3DS Charge Cradle Extension
Price: £24.99
Vendor: Venom
Contact: 01763 284181
A neat device that allows 3DS owners to store and charge their handheld. It comes with an extra long-life battery.

10. GAEMS G155 portable gaming system
Price: £299.99
Vendor: Roth AV
Contact: 01753 682782
The G155 allows gamers to play their Xbox 360 or PS3 on the move. It features a HD screen, stereo speakers, twin headphone jacks and power adapter.

11. BigBen Parental Control
Price: £24.99
Vendor: BigBen Interactive
Contact: 07787 283951
This device clips onto the front of the 3DS and allows parents to control the amount of time their children play for. A special PS3 controller is also available.

12. Applebyte
Price: £9.99
Vendor: Impact Global Solution
Contact: 0845 600 1676
Powerful but portable speakers that connect to 3DS, iPhone, iPad and can be recharged via USB cable.

13. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Wheel
Price: £69.99
Vendor: Thurstmaster/Interactive Ideas
Contact: 020 8805 1000
Racing fans will love this officially licensed replica Ferrari wheel and pedals, ideal for Forza 4 owners.

14. Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
Price: £39.99
Vendor: Microsoft/Gem
Contact: 01279 822800
Connects to both Xbox 360 and smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing players to take calls while gaming.

15. GX1/GP1 Gaming Headsets
Price: £29.99
Vendor: Microsoft/Gem
Contact: 01279 822800
These PS3 and 360 headsets are from the popular Orb range and can be used with PCs via USB.

16. SplitFish FragFX Shark 360
Price: £79.99
Vendor: AntiGrav
Contact: 01932 454929
This allows 360 owners to play their favourite FPS titles with a PC-styled mouse-based experience.

17. Mario Kart Character Kit
Price: £14.99
Vendor: PDP
Contact: 01753 272120
Arriving alongside Mario Kart 7, this soft case protects the 3DS or DS from harm while in transit.

18. FPS Kontrol Freek Elite
Price: £11.99
Vendor: Lime
Contact: 01795 432550
A special grip that fits over standard analogue sticks to give gamers better control when playing shooters.

19. PSP Street Essential Pack
Price: £14.99
Vendor: Logic3
Contact: 01923 471000
A PSP bundle that includes a carry case, screen protectors, cleaning cloth, and three game cases.

20. 4Gamers PS3 Charging Suite
Price: £24.99
Vendor: A4T/4Gamers
Contact: 01204 369228
Part of A4T’s official PS3 range, this device stores and charges two joypads and two Move controllers.

21. Wildlife 3DS cases
Price: £9.99
Vendor: Imp Gaming
Contact: 07894 697763
These sleek cases store the 3DS and three games, and come with meerkat, lion, panda or baby monkey designs.

22. Battlefield 3 Vaults
Price: £69.99
Vendor: Calibur11/Realtime Distribution
Contact: 01480 435881
This is an exterior skin for Xbox 360 and PS3 that gives the console a Battlefield-style look. It features three lighting modes and claims to provide better stability and air flow.

23. Mario Kart 7 wheel
Price: £12.99
Vendor: Nintendo
Contact: 01753 483700
This steering wheel accessory from Hori attaches to the 3DS and features larger L and R buttons for more comfortable gameplay.

24. PSP V-Screen
Price: £19.99
Vendor: RealView Innovations
Contact: +353 71 966 2022
PSP owners can view games in 3D with this screen that provides “greater depth and richer environments than standard 2D”.

25. Gaming Posters
Price: Various
Vendor: GB Eye
Contact: 0114 276 7454
These posters come in a variety of sizes and feature artwork from some of the biggest names in gaming, including Moshi Monsters, Call of Duty, Angry Birds, Battlefield and Mass Effect.


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Its a shame that the incredible bundle deals offerered in most chain stores where not availalble to the indies with the aggresive price reductions and 50% off games its been a really tough year !

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce INDUSTRY
Dec 21st 2011 at 11:17AM

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