Dominic Sacco


When the Easter Bunny gets hit by a car, it’s up to the driver to save Easter.

While this isn’t a traditional opening for a recommended game preview in MCV, it’s worth noting that Hop isn’t a traditional movie.

The film blends animated CGI with real world footage, with an all-star cast featuring Russell Brand, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Perkins and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.

Hop is from the makers of Despicable Me – a popular animated movie that also arrived on consoles. The surreal kids’ movie hits UK cinemas on April 1st to tie-in with Easter, and 505 Games’ official DS title will precede it two weeks before it airs. This is the result of a partnership agreement between 505 and Universal Pictures.

The game puts players in control of Fred who must help the Easter Bunny’s son save Easter. Gamers must solve puzzles and cover enemies in sugar to defeat them. Hop also features plenty of mini-games such as Whack-a-Bunny, Bowling for Candy and the Easter Egg Hunt.

Weapons include chocolate super soakers, gumball shooters and candy cannons, with locations from the film making an appearance such as Hollywood and Easter Island.

Hop on DS is a perfect Easter gift idea for children, while the film looks like it’ll be a smash in its own right in cinemas across the UK.


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