Jewel Legends: Tree of Life

Dominic Sacco

Jewel Legends: Tree of Life

Following the success of its three-in-a-row puzzle games, Rising Star is giving players a brand new casual experience on DS.

Jewel Legends: Tree of Life is the latest in the Jewel Master line of games, where players must match up three of the same icons in a row to solve puzzles and progress. It adds more power-ups, special tools and achievement points.

The match-three formula has proven to be a hit with casual gamers. Rising Star’s previous match-three DS games have seen strong success at retail and the publisher expects Tree of Life to perform even better.

“Cradle of Rome and Cradle of Egypt were commercial successes because they did not target any specific group,” says Rising Star Games’ product manager Yen Hau.

“They are insanely satisfying casual games which appealed to anyone with a Nintendo DS and some time to spare. Word of mouth quickly spread from early adopters and we clearly saw a wide ranging demographic.

“Jewel Legends: Tree of Life will follow a similar route, building on the goodwill that exists for the series among this group and we expect it to reach and surpass the performance of its predecessors.”

Making a match

Tree of Life has over 100 levels, 32 trophies to unlock and eight bonus tools that help players build huge structures such as bath houses, farms and fountains.

Like other match-three titles, Tree of Life also has a storyline to keep the purists happy. According to the game’s blurb, it’s as follows: “The Hods, magical creatures, pure of heart, live around the sacred Tree of Life, where time ceases to exist. Alas, appearances can be deceiving, as the incessant greed of a dark demon once damned the Hods to a life of secrecy.

“Now, finally, new hope is stirring: Rebuild the world of the Hods and help the Tree of Life attain its former glory.”

In other words, you need to match three objects to progress. Bizarre storyline or not, Jewel Legends:Tree of Life will surely resonate well with casual gamers and DS owners this summer, taking the match-three puzzle genre to even greater heights.

Marketing Jewel

Tree of Life print ads will run in trade and casual publications, while an online campaign will target social media websites and casual gaming portals. Rising Star will also promote it using its grassroots word-of-mouth communications strategy.

Rocking the Cradle

Earlier this year Rising Star Games released a double pack containing Cradle of Egypt and Cradle of Rome on one DS cartridge. The two Jewel Master games have performed well at retail in recent years, prompting the publisher to supply more.


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