Kid Icarus: Uprising

Release date March 23rd 2012 Price n/a
Format 3DS
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
Dominic Sacco

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Having been on sale for almost one year now, the Nintendo 3DS’ library of games is growing fast.

So far we’ve seen the big Nintendo crowd-pleasers, Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda and Star Fox, but there are some fresh experiences on the way, too.

Introducing Kid Icarus: Uprising, a brand new action adventure that hopes to appeal to a wide audience. The 3DS exclusive consists of air-based on-rails shooter sections, ala the aforementioned Star Fox games, and third-person ground-based missions. And although it’s the follow-up to an ‘80s NES platformer and its ‘90s Game Boy sequel, Nintendo is billing it as ‘the biggest new 3DS?franchise’.

“With impressive 3D graphics, landscapes and beautiful manga-inspired character design, Kid Icarus is a definite must-have for any existing and new 3DS owner,” Nintendo’s UK product manager Danielle Robinson tells MCV. 

“As one of our triple-A titles for 2012, it is receiving full marketing support across all media streams and is a welcome addition to the 3DS software library, giving the platform diversity and making it something for everyone.”

Custom content

Uprising’s story begins with the return of the dark goddess Medusa. Protagonist Pit, with the help of goddess of light Palutena, must fight the forces of darkness by air and by land.

Gamers can use a wide variety of weapons in nine categories, from bows to claws, offering plenty of replay value. There are also vehicles to man including the Exo Tank, which can boost over jumps and ram enemies with its horn.

The game also features a ‘Fiend’s Cauldron’ mode, which lets players change the intensity level for each chapter. As this level increases, players will be able to earn more in-game hearts which can be exchanged for powerful new weapons. If the gamer is defeated during the chapter, some hearts will be lost.

With its unique accessory(see ‘Complete Control’), broad range of content, big marketing plan and six-player multiplayer, Kid Icarus is ready to make itself one of the first big new 3DS games of 2012.

Complete control

The game comes bundled with a special stand that holds the 3DS at an angle above a flat surface. It is also compatible with the Circle Pad Pro accessory, offering an alternate control scheme for left-handed players. This lets them hold the stylus in their left hand and use the Circle Pad with their right hand.

Print/online marketing

A month-long campaign will see ads appear in specialist games magazines and on websites, in a bid to drive pre-orders. These will target both core gamers and children. More print ads will appear in publications over the two-week Easter holiday, supported by further activity on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

AR card craze

The press will help to drive awareness of Kid Icarus throughout the year via a series of Augmented Reality cards. These collectible cards can be scanned by the 3DS’ camera and an animated game character will appear on-screen, allowing players to battle each other when two cards face-off. Six cards come with the game.

TV advertising

A series of TV ads will target children for two weeks during the game’s release period. This will run on channels such as CITV, Cartoon Network and Disney XD. A second wave of TV ads will hit the small screen over the Easter holiday period.


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