Killer Instinct - Retail Essentials

Release date November 22nd 2013 Price n/a
Format Xbox One
Publisher Microsoft Distributor -
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Killer Instinct - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at Microsoft's revival of the classic and long-absent fighting series as well as the interesting payment model the publisher has opted for.

The classic fighting series is back after a 17-year hiatus. This Killer Instinct has the same brutal combat as the previous two entries in the series. Match-ending Ultra Combos are returning, as are the infamous Combo Breakers.

New features include Counter Breakers, which allow players to block enemy counters, and extra damage dealing Shadow moves.

Unlike the previous retail games, this title is free-to-play, but only includes one character – Jago. Additional characters can be bought individually for £3.99 each.

Characters are also available in packs, such as the £16.99 Combo Breaker pack, which includes six characters with two more coming, or the £34.99 Ultra Edition, which includes all characters, costumes, accessories and the original title.

Killer Instinct is a download-only title but if you want a slice of the action then stock Microsoft gift cards. These can be bought at £10, £15, £25 and £50 values and can be used to buy Killer Instinct as well as the other downloadable titles available on Xbox Live.


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