Killzone: Shadow Fall - Retail Essentials

Release date November 29th 2013 Price n/a
Format PS4
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Killzone: Shadow Fall - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at the latest instalment in Sony's Killzone series – the only shooter made for next-gen hardware.

Killzone: Shadow Fall comes out on November 29th with the PlayStation 4. 

Killzone is one of Sony’s leading IP’s and Shadow Fall is the only first person shooter coming to next-gen which was made specifically for the new hardware.

The title is set thirty years after Killzone 3. Now both the Helghast and Vektans are living in the same city fighting a cold war.

Players take the role of spy – or Shadow Marshall – Lucas Kellen. The story is estimated to last around 10 hours and takes fans from the steel and chrome Vektan skyscrapers to the Helghan slums.

Kellen has a plethora of new skills, including his echo ability. By holding down right on the D-pad, he can see enemies through walls, though pressing for too long will alert foes to his position. Looking at an opponent will provide additional tactical information such as strengths and weaknesses. . l The biggest new feature in combat is the OWL – a combat drone controlled with the DualShock 4’s touch pad. Kellen can use this to take out enemies, hack doors or even as a zip wire.

Multiplayer is back. Up to 24 players can fight across 10 maps – with more coming after launch – in eight modes including Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Capture and Hold.

Gamers choose from three character classes – Assault, Scout and Support – each with exclusive abilities available to them.

There are 1,500 skill-based challenges to be completed that replace the XP from previous games. These range from simple objectives to fiendishly specific tasks.

SHADOW FALL is the sixth entry in the Killzone series – which started life in 2004 and was viewed by many as Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Halo series.

It told the story of an intergalactic war between the human ISA forces and the mutated red-eyed Helghast hoard. It was released to mixed reviews but that didn’t stop Sony pushing for a much-improved successor.

Killzone 2 launched shortly after the PlayStation 3 and was one of the first games displayed on Sony’s new hardware – even though this

was later proven to be a pre- rendered video.

The series has twice appeared on handheld devices. Liberation hit the PSP in 2006 – realising the hardware limitations of the device, developer Guerilla opted for a dungeon crawler style of play over an FPS. Killzone Mercenary, released earlier this year, was the first portable FPS in the series.

The franchise has shifted over 7m units and has become one of Sony’s lead IPs.

Killzone:?Shadow Fall has been developed by Guerilla Games, from the ground up, exclusively for PS4. As the only FPS created for the launch of a next-gen console, it offers a breathtaking and unrivalled audio/visual experience.

Apart from stunning visuals and native 1080p/60fps in online multiplayer, Guerilla helped design the DualShock4 which is immediately apparent when playing Killzone:?Shadow Fall. Its intuitive use of the touch pad allows you to fully control the OWL [combat drone] and create challenging scenarios in more architecturally interesting levels.

The new triggers and responsive sticks also ensure that Killzone fans will experience the finest, most precise FPS created to date.

As your mission proceeds, you’ll push the boundaries of right and wrong and uncover new truths behind this feud and a new side to yourself. As you battle to understand the truth and find out who you really are, you'll discover that in a world divided by war, nothing is as it seems.

Killzone is one of the games being bundled with the PlayStation 4 console so that would be a great combination for retailers to stock.

The PS Vita would be a logical item to stock alongside the latest Killzone title because of its Remote Play functionality with the PS4. The most recent entry in the series, Killzone Mercenary, was also released on Sony’s handheld and would be of interest to fans of the home console titles.


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