Kinect Sports: Season 2

Release date October 28th 2011 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Distributor Gem
Developer - Contact 01279 822800
Billy Langsworthy

Kinect Sports: Season 2

In its relatively short lifetime so far, the Kinect has managed to get consumers dancing, working out and even tickling the belly of a virtual tiger.

But the motion controller has been most successful in the sports genre, with Kinect Sports shifting 3m copies as of April this year. 

“As a franchise, Kinect Sports is a compelling introduction to the Kinect experience and we’re confident it will continue to lead the way for Kinect software,” says director of Xbox and entertainment Stephen McGill.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 is set to transform more living rooms into sporting stadiums with its combination of six new team-based sporting challenges, some of which feature Kinect voice reconnection. 

“We feel this makes the game appeal to the broadest audience ever, and really delivers on our promise of offering entertainment for everybody,” adds McGill.

Players can now hit home runs in Baseball, swing their arms to serve, in Tennis or take the to slopes in the slalom challenges of Skiing. 

In American Football, players can kick, run and even shout commands using Kinect speech recognition to get a touchdown.

For those wanting a more serene sporting experience, the nine holes of Maple Lakes Golf Course will provide sports fans with an authentic golfing experience. Alongside mastering their swinging, chipping and putting, players can now even crouch to inspect the green and make use of 300 voice commands to shape play. 

But perhaps the most unusual of additions, consumers can now settle in front of their TV with a pint and packet of pork scratchings as Darts joins the roster of sports. In a game where drops of sweat are more likely to be induced by nerves rather than exercise, players have to replicate authentic throwing gestures to successfully hit the bullseye.

Sports fans can also boast of their achievements by uploading photos and videos captured in game and posting them on Facebook via

Kinect Sports: Season 2 looks like it could match last year’s success, as consumers of all ages look to add six new sports to their virtual repertoire.

First Place

Kinect Sports didn’t just sell loads, it also received positive critical reviews on its release last year. It has a Metacritic score of 73 and the Official Xbox Magazine UK said: “If you want your Christmas to be characterised by tears of laughter, this is an essential purchase.”

Marathon Marketing

The game will feature in print and online across key lifestyle sites. A heavy TV presence will be complemented by Kinect Sports: Season 2 sponsoring the new season of sports panel show, A League of Their Own. A Kinect radio campaign will also feature on Heart, Absolute and other key stations.


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