Musiic Party

Dominic Sacco

Musiic Party

Band games offer players an engrossing experience but instrument accessories often come at a premium.

PQube wants to change this by offering a bargain-priced Wii rhythm action game that only requires the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to play.

Musiic Party features 30 rock covers ranging from old school classics to modern-day anthems including tracks from Razorlight, Pink, The Trogs and The Clash. It boasts three-player co-op jam sessions, head-to-head modes and a single-player campaign.

“There are many Wii owners who can’t afford or have no space for rhythm games and extra peripherals” says PQube’s marketing manager Rob Noble.

“They want to play music. They want to be in a rock group. They want to show they’ve got rhythm and imitate their rock idols.

“Firstly, Musiic Party has the legendary songs, fun and great game quality and just requires a Wii Remote. Secondly, the game is accessible with no high-cost outlay.”

Gamers can use the Wii controllers to play in-game guitar, bass or drums. They are judged on accuracy, timing and star appeal, with a control system that is easy to pick up.

“The core users for Musiic Party on Wii will be teenage boys who want to play socially after school with their pals”, adds Noble.

And following the news that Activision has ditched its Guitar Hero franchise, there is now more room within the music games market for newcomers such as Musiic Party than ever before.


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