New Super Luigi U: Trade Spotlight

Release date July 26th 2013 Price n/a
Format Wii U
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New Super Luigi U: Trade Spotlight

This trade spotlight takes a look at Nintendo's latest release, New Super Luigi U.

We detail the in-game features, related products to stock in-store and the marketing plan for the game.

Nintendo Product Manager, Roger Langford, talks us through the title and how Luigi is taking over from Mario in his own platform adventure.

New Super Luigi U is released on July 26th.

-Originally released as DLC for New Super Mario Bros U, this is a full boxed version that ties-in with the Year of Luigi celebrations.

-Mario’s taller, greener brother is 30 years-old and New Super Luigi U gives consumers 82 courses to get through.

-Players have only 100 seconds to make it through each track, the likes of which are remixed from New Super Mario Bros U.

-Luigi may have spent most of his life in the shadow of his iconic brother, but he has his own set of abilities. Luigi can jump higher than Mario and slides further as well.

-The game also introduces fans to a new playable character: the Nabbit. Living up to its name, the Nabbit is perfect for anyone struggling with the standard game, as he can’t take damage when touching enemies.

-The Year of Luigi celebrations are putting Mario’s younger brother centre stage as he celebrates his 30th anniversary. The games that form part of the celebrations alongside Super Luigi U are 3DS titles Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros.

WITH the Year of Luigi in full flow, the spotlight is firmly on the character who takes over from Mario in New Super Luigi U, in his own platform adventure.

New Super Luigi U is designed to test the capabilities of seasoned gamers and fans of the series. New Super Luigi U gives fans lots of new challenges that are much tougher than previous titles. Players now only have 100 seconds to complete each level meaning the race is truly on to reach the goal pole.

The retail version of New Super Luigi U will be backed with online display, search and social media campaigns showcasing the new levels and difficulty as well as Luigi and new playable character Nabbit.


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